Completely Adorable Custom Wedding Water Labels

Every once in awhile an idea rolls through here that’s so fun, so creative, so delectable that we feel compelled to share it with all of you.  The labels Brett and Abby designed for their wedding is one of these.  They submitted the completed designs to us and, once we’d printed them out, we were so inspired by them we passed them around so everyone here could take a peek.

What they did was to write short bits of trivia about them as a couple on each label design, and I’d be willing to bet guests had a great time looking for all the facts at the reception!  The thing I love about this idea is that it’s so personalized and fun.  What better way to help everyone who comes to your wedding feel included than by giving them little tidbits about your life as a couple?

They ultimately did six designs in all, check out our favorites below! (Click on the image to make it larger)

[singlepic id=156 w=240 h=160 float=center]

Ways you can use this idea in your own wedding:

  • Order the same label design but include a different tidbit on each sheet of labels.  Share bits of trivia about how you met, hobbies and interests, how you got engaged, honeymoon plans, etc.
  • Use trivia answers to build a wedding crossword guests can fill out before the ceremony starts or during the reception.
  • Place one bottle at each place setting at your reception, and give each place setting a bottle with a different trivia fact on it.  What a fun way to get a conversation going at each table!

If you have any questions about designing labels like this for your own event, just let us know.  We’re happy to listen to what you have in mind and help you bring it to life!  Thanks so much to Brett and Abby for letting us feature their labels!





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