custom wedding wine label from Bottle Your Brand

Custom Wedding Labels Trend

We see a lot of wedding labels come through our offices everyday – wine, water and beer labels. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if we saw more wedding labels than anything else. Recently, a lot of couples seem to be using their professional engagement pictures to make their labels and we’ve gotta say – it looks great! Using the images from a professional photo shoot lend your label a professional, put-together look and add that extra little touch of elegance and class to your wedding day style.

custom wedding water bottle label from Bottle Your Brand, engagement photo by SimplyTwo Photography
Image Courtesy of SimplyTwo Photography –


Adding “Love Nutrition Facts” to your water label is a cute and sweet way to give your label a little something “extra”.



custom wedding wine label from Bottle Your Brand

We love the originality of this bright and colorful wine label. What a great shot!



custom wedding wine label from Bottle Your Brand

This adorable couple chose two pictures and two labels for their wine.

Cheers and congrats to all of these couples on their impending nuptials!







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