Use Custom Labels to Spread the Word About Your Cause!

[singlepic id=238 w=240 h=240 float=center]Are you working to support a charity, cause, or organization that relies on the support of the public?  If so, the perfect way to spread the word may just be sitting right in front of you: Bottled water!

Custom bottled water is an easy way to give total strangers access to information about your organization.  You can buy bottles of water from a grocery store, remove the generic paper labels, and then apply our self-adhesive labels onto the blank bottles.  Now you have your information on something people will use and appreciate!

This is an especially effective way to reach large numbers of people at local fairs, farmer’s markets, and events.  If it’s a hot day, people will be drawn to your bottled water display (especially if the bottles are chilled!) like bears to honey.  They stop by, chat with you for a bit, and then leave with a bottle of water, the label of which contains information they’ll take with them.

We love supporting non-profits, and are happy to offer non-profit rates.  Just give us a call and we’re happy to share those rates with you!

Take advantage of the sunny summer weather by hitting the streets with cold bottles of water!  Save the citizenry from dehydration and spread the word about your cause, all in one masterful stroke!





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