How to Make a Custom Label from a Pre-Made Label Template

You have an idea in mind for your drink label, but you’re not an artist, not even a budding one. You know the colors you want, the words, the tone, yet where do you start? We offer an easy-to-use online label design studio which allows anyone to create professional quality designs for any kind of drink label. Coupled with that is our huge selection of pre-made templates for all kinds of products from wine labels to mini liquor bottles. So for the average person, making a beer label for home brew or a birthday wine label for your best friend is no longer intimidating. You’ll also find the latest font styles to create a wedding wine label or maybe create something funky and fun for baby shower water bottle labels.

Where Do I Start?

What do you want to make? After you’ve decided, choose the product from the drop down menu on the home page or enter the product name in the search box. For example, “Wine Labels.” All of the pre-made wine label designs will be displayed in a large thumbnail format. Browse through them and choose which one you’d like to customize. Then click on it.

To show you how easy it is we’ll start with the popular mini Champagne label template Champagne Wishes. This is the version offered on the site. White background with pink stripes, and pink and black text.

Below is the label with changes made to the  background color as well as the text, and stripes (shapes). The text color is changed the same way as the background color, by selecting the text and changing the color on the Text Options tool bar.

As you can see this label starts with black text, pink stripes, and a white background. These may not be the colors you want for your event. Well, it’s not a problem because here’s how to make the changes.

Step by Step Color Changes:

Below is the step-by-step way to change color on the design. Click on the template to go to the text line page. Look below the text lines for the orange Customize button. Click on that button and now you’re in the online designer.

Locate the Background Icon on the left of the design canvas. See where the red arrow is pointing on the graphic below. When you hover over it you’ll get the message, “Click to add or change the background color or image…”

When you click on the Background Icon here’s a close up of what you’ll see. The menu opens up and there’s another palette icon that says “Color”:

There are four different ways to change the background color on a label. Choose whichever way works best for you.

  1. Select a point in the large color box.
  2. Pick a color from the design using the Color Picker tool.
  3. Type in the RGB color if you know it in the #box.
  4. Select a color from the color swatches palette.

These four options are for making a solid background. There are also options next to the Solid Color tab for creating a background with a Linear Gradient or a Radial Gradient. Most designs look better without a gradient, but that’s up to you.

Change Text on a Template:

It’s easy to change text on a template. All you have to do is follow the same steps as for a color change.

  • First choose a template.
  • On the next page there are text lines with example text, but look below them and click on the orange Customize button.
  • Once in the online designer click on the words you want to change and a text box pops up.
  • Type your words in the box. They will appear in a default font.
  • While the text is selected look at the Text Options tool bar for the Font Family drop down. There are hundreds of font styles to jazz up your design. That tool bar also lets you change the text size and color.
  • If you want to move the words around on the design, click on the text and hold down your mouse to move it.

Here’s an example of the same beer label with different colors and font styles. Even if it’s a plain old beer label template you can change it to a birthday beer label, just by changing the words. The online label designer is a blast to play around in. You might even find making custom labels is addicting!

Templates Before and After Customers’ Changes:

Here are some more examples of wine label templates that customers personalized. Our pre-made template is on the left and the version the customer ordered is on the right. So you see, even if you don’t know how to make a custom wine label you can make your own version of one of ours.

Each template becomes a unique design simply by changes you make with color, a photo, and font styles.

Here’s an example where the customer embellished the label with their own clip art. The BYB template is on the left. The customer added their own bride and groom clip art to make the label more personal. Besides adding clip art, he made changes to the font styles and placement. So what are you waiting for? Get started designing now. Create an account so  you can save your designs for free and and have fun creating a custom label from a template.

If you need assistance with making changes to a template we’re on live chat weekdays 9 am to 3 pm Pacific time. Or drop us an email at info at

Here is a list of the kinds of pre-designed templates we offer for further customizing:

  • Beer labels
  • Bottle neck labels
  • Canning labels
  • Champagne labels
  • Mini Champagne labels
  • Cider labels
  • Cup labels
  • Bottled water
  • Food labels
  • Drink coasters
  • Growler labels
  • Liquor labels
  • Mini liquor labels
  • Wine labels
  • Mini wine labels
  • Soda Pop labels
  • Table number labels
  • Wine hang tags









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