Custom Gatorade Labels

John, one of our awesome customers, sent us this picture over the weekend from a college and ministry event he did over at Kennesaw State University.  He applied custom labels to bottles of Gatorade, stored them in a cooler full of ice, and then let the college students come to him!

The great thing about using custom labels for college fairs (or any kind of fair, really) is that even if you don’t have time to get your message across while someone is standing right there, when they take a bottle from you, they take your message with them!  If they happen to set their bottle down somewhere and someone else sees it, even better!

The thing we liked about John’s idea was that he applied the labels to bottle of Gatorade.  We’ve never seen that before!  This just proves what we’re always saying about our customers: You guys are way more creative than we are!

Keep sending us your photos and ideas, we love seeing ’em!





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  1. jill

    Where’s the picture?

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