Custom Bug Spray Labels!

We stumbled across this idea over on the Glamour blog and completely agree with the author: It’s genius.  This crafty bride offered the guests at her outdoor summer wedding bottles of bug spray with adorable custom labels.

Outdoor summer weddings are gorgeous, but they do come with their own special challenges.  Power, restrooms, weather, that sort of thing.  Bugs are one of those outdoor summer wedding problems that very few people tell you about however, and if your wedding is near a body of water or the woods, you’ll find that tiny bugs can be a huge problem!

Handing out bottles of bug spray will take care of this problem nicely.  You can find small travel-sized bottles of bug spray (some even with sunscreen built in!) and provide each wedding guest with his/her own shield against pesky bugs.

Of course, bug spray bottles will likely not match the decor you’ve painstakingly selected for your special day.  The solution?  Custom labels!  We have six different custom label sizes, one of which is bound to fit your bottles perfectly.

You can design the custom labels to match your decor (or use one of our designs) and suddenly you’ve turned a not-so-cute necessity into a thoughtful DIY wedding favor!





2 responses to “Custom Bug Spray Labels!”

  1. Dana

    I can’t find that label???? Also where did you get the bottles I love those

  2. Hi Dana!

    Unfortunately we didn’t do this particular label project ourselves – we saw it online. But, if you can find a bottle you like – try Michael’s craft store maybe! – we can make the labels – and you can design them yourself online on our site. Give us a call if you need any help!

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