DIY Holiday Wine Tote

Create a Wine Gift Bag in Ten Minutes or Less

JOY wine gift bagOnly 7 weeks until Christmas! Forget expensive card shop gift wrap, and instead make this “joy” wine gift tote. Follow these easy steps and you’ll create your own inexpensive, personalized gift bag in less than ten minutes. All you need is a kraft bag with handles, baker’s twine and glue. Either use this downloadable template for the letters or, if your handwriting is extra smooth, trace your own design.

Wine Gift Tote Supplies

Assemble the materials for the tote:

Materials to make wine gift tote

  • Kraft handle bag
  • Glue
  • Baker’s Twine
  • Pencil
  • Template
  • Hang tag

Step by Step Instructions

Print out the “joy” template or create your own outline using pencil. TIP: Make the writing very faint so it doesn’t show around the edges of the twine.

If you use our FREE template to make the “joy” outline follow these steps:

Step 1: Flip the template over and on the backside  of the letters rub with the lead pencil very thoroughly. You’re actually creating a carbon base. TIP: If you have carbon paper on hand that is ideal, but this will work if you don’t.

Step 2: Turn the template over and place it on the bag where you want the word joy.  Next, pressing down firmly with the pencil, trace the word joy carefully. Remove the template and you should have an outline of joy. See photos below.

Make a Joy template

Step 3: Follow the pencil line with a thin line of tacky glue. Carefully lay the twine on the glue line and press it in place. Let dry before using. TIP: If there is excess glue around the edges of the baker’s twine remove carefully with a toothpick.

Joy wine gift bag

Step 4: Tie a custom hang tag from Bottle Your Brand on the handle and you’re good to go! TIP: Hang tags come in quantities as low as ten so make several designs for hostess gifts and holiday gift exchanges.

DIY Holiday Wine Tote

In the next few weeks I’ll be sharing more gift wrap ideas so be sure to check back. When it comes to customizing gifts we’re you’re go-to source. Email us at [email protected] with any questions.



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  1. Jeff Nicholson

    Great idea for crafty folks! Not only can this be fun, but it stands out from the other gift bags. The recipient will appreciate the time and effort you put in.

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