Our Top Five Congratulations Gift Ideas

Personalized wine giftWe all love to express our congratulations. Whenever someone we know lands a new job, buys a house, has a baby, gets engaged, or earns an award it’s cause for congratulations and celebration. Picking out a gift of congratulations is almost as fun as saying “Congrats” to someone.

Congratulations gifts are a lot of fun to pick out because there are so many to choose from. One of the best congratulations gifts is a bottle of wine. Wine means a lot of things to a lot of people, but one of the most popular meanings of wine is “celebration.” Here are our top five favorite ways to use personalized wine labels to turn any bottle of congratulatory wine into a unique and personal gift:

  1. Housewarming. Give the proud new homeowners a bottle of wine personalized with their closing date and new address and they’ll be sure to treasure it forever. This is a housewarming gift they’ll enjoy and remember!
  2. Retirement. If someone in your family or team is retiring, use a personalized bottle of wine to send them off with your gratitude. Buy a nice bottle of wine (or non-alcoholic cider, if he or she doesn’t drink alcohol) and customize it with a wine label that thanks them for all their hard work and includes their years of service. This is a warm, thoughtful way to congratulate someone on their retirement.
  3. Engagement. Toast the happy couple with a bottle of personalized wine that includes their names and the date they got engaged. You can even suggest to them that they wait to enjoy the wine until their wedding day!
  4. New baby. You can still use personalized wine labels to congratulate the new parents, but you might want to put the label on a bottle of non-alcoholic cider instead. You can customize the label with the baby’s name, birthdate, and measurements and give the new parents a gift they’ll cherish.
  5. Milestone birthday. If someone you know and love is celebrating a milestone birthday, give them a personalized gift to mark the special occasion. Our birthday wine labels are a fun way to commemorate any birthday!

If you can think of any other ideas for congratulations gifts please let us know in the comments!





2 responses to “Our Top Five Congratulations Gift Ideas”

  1. Gift Channel

    Great article, wine does in my experience make a great gift. Especially for housewarming gifts because even if they don’t drink it, like my parents, they have something to put in their glass cabinets.

  2. -Gift Channel, That’s a great point! Sometimes it’s nice to have one thing put away, even if the rest of the house is still a mess!

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