Clothes Swap Party for the Fall Season

clothes swap party

Fall is finally here and you might be looking to freshen up your wardrobe! We suggest hosting a Clothes Swap Party. There are as many ways to run a swap party as there are outfits to swap, but here are a few suggestions to consider!

Plan to host 10-15 girls so that everyone can comfortably shop and try things on. Clothing swaps require some preparation on the part of your guests since they need time to sort through their closets. It’s best to give them at least 3 weeks notice.

State the purpose of the party clearly on your invitations and note what time you’d like everyone to arrive. A clothing swap might be a new (or weird) concept to some so begin by explaining briefly what it is and what you’d like them to bring. It’s probably best to suggest a minimum amount of items (so there is enough to go around… Let’s say five items, but of course they can bring as many as they’d like. You can also choose to have them bring things for any season or fall items only.

Keep in mind that anything that doesn’t find a new home can be donated to a local charity of your choice.

Have everyone bring a bottle of wine and some appetizers, along with their clothes and it’s a party! Create custom wine bottle labels for the party too, and consider sending these invitations out to your guests to announce the party idea!

party wine labels





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