Make Caricature Wedding Favors with Custom Stickers

Personalize Your Wedding with Caricature Favor Labels

Adding your personal touch is one of the best parts of wedding planning. There’s a lot to love about making your own wedding favors, including custom favors for your guests. While we love to see wedding labels created with photos of engaged couples, the ones that are too good not to share are caricatures or cartoon artwork made in the likeness of the happy couple. There’s a good chance you’ve seen posts of caricature wedding couples on Instagram or Facebook. Adding caricature or cartoon art to a label is easy.  And with all the websites devoted to creating avatars, caricatures, and cartoon selfies it’s even easier for you to make your own wedding labels with your cartoon likenesses.

Caricature art wedding favors. Make custom beer labels with your digital caricature.

This lucky couple happened to have an artist in the family who created this adorable beer label. We’re showcasing it to show how fabulous favors look with caricature wedding couples.

Wedding beer label made with a cartoon likeness of the bride and groom. Make your own caricature wedding favors for beer by uploading your artwork.

Four Ways to Make a Wedding Caricature

1. Make a Caricature from an Online Website

Go online and search using terms like “cartoon selfie,” “make a free caricature from a photo,” “turn a photo into a cartoon,” and so on…you get the idea. Search either with your computer in a search engine or look in the app store of your smartphone. You’ll find a number of sites and apps that are “cartoonizers” where a photo from your phone is converted into a cartoon caricature. Here are just a few:

2. Download Clip Art of Cartoon Wedding Couples

There are also royalty-free cartoon clip art sources that offer sketches of cartoon couples in various poses and with various ethnicity, skin color, and hair color. Some are free and some require a small fee to purchase. Here are a few websites we found:


3. Hire a Caricature Artist

You might want to go another direction and seek out a caricature artist for a fully custom portrait. You’ve probably seen these portrait artists at local festivals or county fairs. To find one near you do a search for caricature artists. This will cost you more than using a caricature generator, something to remember if you have a tight wedding budget.

4. Use One of Our Pre-Made Templates

There are a few templates of cartoon couples on our site. For instance, these wedding wine labels including this design of the groom carrying the bride and also this one of a groom and bride with a heart, are available on several products. Another wine label template has a cute cartoon couple waving goodbye from their car.  All you need to do is change the text. Here are the examples below.Examples of cartoon wedding couples on wine labels. Personalize yours for your wedding wine bottles.

Scroll Down For More Wedding Caricature Favor Inspiration!

Caricature wedding couple on water bottle labels. Wedding water bottle labels are waterproof and self-adhesive.Wedding water bottle labels are easy to apply to bottles you source locally. Peel off the old labels and put on the new ones. They have a self-adhesive backing and are waterproof.

Custom caricature wedding stickers. Make your own wedding favors by uploading your caricature file.Choose the size sticker you need for your favor boxes. This sticker is 4 inches wide by 3 inches high and fits on this triangle favor box.

Unique beer label made with a caricature wedding couple. Make yours online.Bespoke artwork makes guests feel you were intentional and thoughtful when you planned your wedding favors. An artwork file created in Photoshop or Illustrator like this one for wedding lager can be uploaded into the online designer. Convert the file to 300 ppi and JPEG format before uploading for best results.

Cartoon wedding couple on soda labels make great wedding favors.These soda labels have a simple black and white drawing of a cartoon wedding couple.

Unique wedding favor; a wine label made with a caricature wedding couple.Isn’t this wine label with the groom on one knee cute? The caricature is perfect right down to the glasses and hair color. It’s the ultimate personal touch for a wedding favor.

How to Add Your Cartoon or Caricature File to a Label

  1. Make sure your caricature is in digital format and the resolution of the file is 300 pixels per inch. That ensures the file will print clearly. JPEG or PNG files work best.
  2. Next, choose the product you want to customize and after you’ve selected the quantity, click Customize It. This leads you into the online design studio.
  3. Click on ADD IMAGE to browse your files and upload your cartoon file.
  4. Add text to the label, select a font style, color, size, add your background color, and you’re done! It’s really that simple.Shop Now

What Wedding Favor Stickers Can I Make on Bottle Your Brand?

Make wedding favor stickers for beer bottles, wine bottles, water bottles, soda bottles, beer cans, food jars, favor bags, and favor boxes. We also have hang tags, coasters, and circle stickers. If you need a certain sticker shape, we have circles, ovals, rectangles, and squares. There are stickers for mini wine and Champagne bottles, as well as two shapes for beer bottles; oval and rectangle. If you know the size of your favor bottle or box then use our sticker and label size guide to figure out which size label to order. If you need assistance we’re online with live chat weekdays, Monday through Friday, 9 am to 3 pm Pacific time or email us at info at bottleyourbrand dot com.



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