Canvas Printed QR Codes – What are they? Why Your Business Needs One & How to Make One

We’re excited to share the news that not only do we give you the tools to create a QR code for custom labels, but now it’s easy to turn a QR code into a canvas print. These innovative tech gems display code which redirects anyone with a smartphone to online information.

A canvas printed QR code. Make a custom QR print for your business.

What Exactly are QR Codes, What Does QR Stand for, How do I Scan One?

  • QR stands for Quick Response code.
  • A basic QR code looks like a black dot matrix on a white background.
  • QR codes are brainy barcodes with content encoded in the image that direct a user to a URL (webpage).
  • To use a QR code, scan the code with your smartphone. Here’s how: with most phones simply point your phone’s camera toward the code and a pop up will ask if you want to open it in a browser. If your phone is smart, but not that smart, then go to the app store on your smartphone and type in QR Reader to download a mobile app. Once you have the QR code app installed, open it and hold your phone screen so the QR code fits in the bracketed site lines, and instantly the reader opens the web page stored in the QR code.

Canvas printed QR codes display information about your business or event. Make on online now.

Seven Innovative Uses for Canvas QR Code Signs

You might wonder why anyone would need to hang a QR code sign in their business. This is why – your customers find information they need fast, and better yet, it’s right at their fingertips! To show these custom canvases are more than just a pretty patterned face, here are seven brilliant ways to use QR canvas prints.

  1. Restaurant Menu – Direct customers to your current restaurant menu.
  2. WiFi Access – Share WiFi details for vacation rental properties, guest rooms, or business waiting rooms.
  3. Mobile Payments – Scan the sign to pay. Display your QR code so customers can submit payments to any of these online payment services: Venmo, PayPal, Zelle, or crypto accounts.
  4. YouTube Videos – Hang the QR canvas in your business, convention booth, or waiting room to direct viewers to “How-To” videos or information about your products and services.
  5. Exhibitions/Museums/Gallery Information – Provide specifics about artists, artwork, and artifacts.
  6. Advertising – Give details about products, real estate, events or performances.
  7. vCard – Virtual business card. A vCard contains a name, address information, date and time, photographs, as well as a company logo. It’s an online business card!
A QR code menu on canvas. Made for restaurants, cafes, coffee shops to direct customers to your menu, catering, and on site services.

How to Make Your Own Canvas QR Code Sign

  • Pick the destination URL. Copy the URL: (CTRL+C for PC or CMD+C for Mac)
  • Go to
  • Choose a canvas size and canvas quantity
  • Click the blue Customize More button
  • Once in the online designer either use the QR code link to the left of the template and follow the instructions to paste the URL (CTRL+V for PC and CMD+V for Mac) OR type your URL in the text field and we’ll generate the QR code for you.
  • Click Add to Cart and proceed through the checkout.
  • Once your order is received a proof of your canvas is emailed to you for approval.
QR code canvas with information to scan to connect to WiFi. The perfect amenity for guest rooms, AirBNB, VRBO, and business waiting rooms. No more repeat questions about what your WiFi password is.
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Create a Colorful Custom QR Code

If you want more than a run of the mill QR code, create a QR code with custom colors using the tools on this page. They offer a service where you choose patterns, eyes, a logo, and bespoke colors. Once you receive your colorful QR code file save it on your device and upload the file here to make your QR wall sign.

Create a colorful, custom QR code with your logo and business colors. Then turn it into a custom canvas for your wall.

About Our QR Code Canvas Signs

Our QR code signs are mounted on thick 1.5” pine wood frames. The canvases are available in multiple square sizes, 12″ x 12″, 18″ x18″ & 26″ x 26.” And good news…being patriotic souls at heart, our QR code signs are made in the USA and are shipped on their way to you within 6 business days. Hanging hardware, wall anchors, and screws are included.

For questions please live chat with us on bottleyourbrand dot com weekdays, 9 am to 3 pm, Pacific time or email us; info at bottleyourbrand dot com. Leave a comment below and we answer those as well.






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