Bottles of wine with bridesmaid labels on them.

Bridesmaid Wine Labels Are Trending

Bridesmaid wine labels, one for each bridesmaid

Make One Wine Label for each Bridesmaid

Bridesmaids wine labels are trending as the way to ask, “Will you be in my wedding?” Imagine the look on your friends’ faces when you hand each one a bottle of their favorite wine with a custom label on it and it’s made especially for them! Since each bridesmaid only needs one bottle of wine, we offer you the option to make one wine label for each member of your bridal party. This option also applies to a groom asking groomsmen to be a part of their wedding as well. And guess what? The one-label-only option is available in the beer, and Champagne label sizes too!

Making multiple versions of the same wine label by changing the name is easy using the online designer. Like this example using the template Bridesmaid Thank You.

Individual wine labels for bridesmaids

A Quick Guide on How to Make One Label for Each Bridesmaid

We recommend you create an account in order to save your designs. This makes it much easier to review your label artwork and make any edits.

Next, decide if you want to use a template or create a label from scratch.

  • To use a template start at our Wine Label category to browse all the pre-made designs. Any background you like will work regardless if it’s in the wedding or bridesmaid category.
  • To create a label from scratch start at ‘Make Your Own’ and choose Custom Wine Labels.

QUICK TIP: It’s much easier to make multiple labels of a design when you use a laptop, PC, Mac, or tablet. Creating multiple designs on your smartphone can be very tricky, so save yourself a lot of time and maybe frustration by following this advice. If you can use a mouse with your device then go for it. You’ll be glad you did.

1. Change the name of each bridesmaid on the wine label

  • Select a design. On the next page there are text lines where you type in your words. After you type in a name, save it to your account.

IMPORTANT – to add each person’s name do this: From inside your account find the design you saved in ‘My Saved Designs’ and click ‘Add to Cart.’ After you’ve added it to the cart go back into your account locate the design thumbnail again and click ‘Edit Design.’ Make your name change and follow the same steps adding each label to the cart until all of the names are completed.

Custom wine labels for bridesmaid

2. Change the name plus change the font style and color

  • Select a design.
  • On the next page where the label is displayed next to the text lines, look below the quantity drop down and locate the ‘Customize More’ button. Click on that to enter the online designer where you will see the ‘Text Options’ tool bar as shown in the illustration below in #6 ‘Make a Wine Label with the Latest Handwritten Fonts.’ Create your design and follow the steps in #1 to save each label with a different name.

Bottles of wine with bridesmaid labels on them.

3. Make a completely unique wine label design for each bridesmaid

  • Start at ‘Make Your Own’ and choose ‘Custom Wine Labels’. After the quantity is selected click on the ‘Customize It’ button. Now you are in the online design studio where you can do everything from add a photo, choose a background color, select a font style and color. Create your design and follow the steps in #1 to save each label with a different name.

     Champagne label for asking your bridesmaid to be in your wedding

4. Make a wine label with each bridesmaids’ photo

Start at ‘Make Your Own’ and choose ‘Custom Wine Labels’. After the quantity is selected click on the ‘Customize It’ button. Now you are in the online design studio so look to the left and find ADD IMAGE. Click on that link to browse the files in your device. Once you find the photo you like click Open and it will upload to the canvas. Now you can use the ADD TEXT tool to type in your message and a name. The text can even be curved. So much you can do to make each label look fabulous!

Photo wine labels for bridesmaids

Wine label with a photo for each bridesmaid

5. Upload Your Own Label Artwork

If you’ve purchased printable artwork or have created your own artwork in a graphic design program you can use that artwork to order. The wine label template is 3.75 inches wide by 4.25 inches high. This allows for a .125 bleed. The finished wine label will be 3.5 inches wide by 4 inches high. Use those dimensions to create your canvas and make sure it’s 300 dpi resolution. To upload, flatten the file, (no layered files please) convert to JPG or PNG format for best results. You can make other size wine labels by selecting our square or rectangle stickers for sizes up to 4 inches wide by 6 inches high. Take a look at these actual customer bridesmaids’ labels for inspiration and discover the possibilities waiting for you.

Make a bridesmaid wine label by uploading your own label art

6. Make a Wine Label with the Latest Handwritten Fonts

Brides like to make individual wine labels with different backgrounds, sayings, and font styles. Since fonts are a critical part of any good looking design, having hundreds of font options available for your bridesmaids’ wine labels is important. If you’re into the newer handwritten fonts that are so popular on wedding invitations, that’s something you can utilize too. Once you type in your words and the text has the blue boxes around it, look to the Text Options toolbar and locate the Font Family drop down for the font category called ‘Exclusive’ to see the handwritten fonts.

Exclusive fonts for making wine labels

We hope this post inspires you to create a wine label for each one of your bridesmaids. Pop the cork and pour the wine! What a fun way to celebrate when they each say yes! If you have questions or need to chat, we’re online weekdays 9 am to 3 pm with live chat. You can email us any time – info at We’re always happy to help.






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