What Bottles Do Our Water Bottle Labels Fit? Part Two

Now that we’ve looked at which small bottled water bottles work best for our labels, we decided to move onto the larger bottles.  This post will look at three national bottled water brands and how well they took to being labeled.  We know that our customers probably don’t have the time to go out and investigate bottled water brands, so we went ahead and did the research for you!

[singlepic id=134 w=240 h=160 float=center]The first national 16.9 oz water bottle we tried was the Dasani bottle.  These bottles are sturdy, unlikely to dent, and have a distinctive blue color that could tie in beautifully if you have any blue in your event décor.  Our large label size fits perfectly on this bottle, leaving only a 1/16″ gap in the back.  This is a really great brand of water to use so long as you don’t mind the blue cap and bottle.

[singlepic id=135 w=240 h=160 float=center]The next national brand we tried was Aquafina.  Aquafina actually offers two different 16.9 oz bottles, a regular 16.9 oz bottle and their 16.9 oz  EcoFina bottles, which use less plastic and are more environmentally friendly.  We tried our labels on both, and were pleased to discover that our labels actually fit perfectly on both types of bottle.  Our small label size actually works better on the EcoFina bottles than the large size, because this bottle is rather skinny.  The small label fits perfectly, leaving no gap at all, and the height of the label looks great on the bottle.  The only problem with the EcoFina bottles is that they’re very flimsy and dent easily.

Our large label size worked perfectly on the regular Aquafina bottle.  The ends met with just a slight overlap, and the height fits perfectly as well.  If we were to recommend any national brand of 16.9 oz bottled water for our personalized water labels, Aquafina would be it.  Our labels fit the bottles like they were made for each other.

[singlepic id=136 w=240 h=160 float=center]We also tried Arrowhead’s eco-friendly bottle.  This bottle is more flimsy than the EcoFina bottles, with a bizarrely narrow label area that did not fit any of our labels.  The bottles were very dented when we removed them from the packaging, and the narrow label area ensures that our labels hang off the edges of the bottle and look terrible.  We do not recommend Arrowhead’s 16.9 oz bottled water for use with our labels.

***Please note: It is not legal to re-label bottled water for re-sale.  These posts are intended to demonstrate how our labels can be used to re-label bottled water for non-commercial uses only.***






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