Blue and Brown Baby Shower Theme and Inspiration Board

A Blue and Brown Baby Shower

Custom Wine Label for Baby Shower, from Bottle Your Brand

This is one of our favorite (and most popular) baby shower labels on the site, for its simplicity and clever “Wine before Whining” tag line. Often, people debate about whether or not to serve wine at a baby shower – given that the mother you’re honoring can’t partake in the drinking of it, but its becoming more and more common, and we are totally on board with that. Besides, how can you resist serving a wine with cute personalized labels like these? And if you choose not to serve wine at the next baby shower you host, you can still order these labels and put them on bottles of your favorite wine, as favors for the attendees that aren’t preggers.

Inspired by this label, and the color combinations – we are huge fans of light blue and chocolate color schemes – especially for little boy baby showers, we’ve created a pretty little inspiration board to get your creative juices churning for your next baby shower!


Blue and Brown Baby Shower Theme and Inspiration Board

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