Home brew bottle of beer with custom oval sticker

Best 5 Ways to Use Oval Stickers

Good news! We recently added oval shapes to our beer label templates. Now this shape is available to home brewers in designs that are editable. No longer are there only rectangle templates to choose from. There are also oval stickers in other designs for occasions like birthdays and weddings. So if you’re looking for custom oval stickers we have plenty of designs and ideas for you.

Check out the versatility of this shape, which is 2.25 inches wide by 3.5 inches high in portrait orientation or 3.5 inch wide by 2.25 inch high in landscape orientation. This shape can be found under Oval Beer Labels, Custom Oval Stickers , or Oval Stickers.

There are three ways to create your oval artwork:

  1. Pre-made templates which you edit the text.
  2. “Make Your Own” design from scratch in the online designer.
  3. Upload artwork you created in a graphics program. (The preferred format for uploading is JPG or PNG format, 300 dpi resolution.)

Ways to use oval sticker shapes

Home Brew Beer Bottles

Oval Beer Labels on Multi Size Beer BottlesHome brewers, you can use this sticker for 12 ounce bottles of your latest craft brew.  The two bottle shapes above are known as Stubby ( on the left) and Heritage ( on the right). For a good source of home brewing beer bottles visit this page.  They have many shapes to fit your brewing needs.

Home brew bottle of beer with custom oval sticker

Demi Wine Bottles & Favor Boxes

Oval stickers on a demi wine bottle and favor boxYou’ll find this size oval sticker fits perfectly on half-sized bottles, which are known as demi or split bottles These bottles contain 375 ml or two glasses of wine. Talk about the perfect item for wedding gift bags! Include a demi bottle along with some monogrammed plastic wine glasses and include them in gift bags at the hotel for your out of town guests.

The oval is a versatile shape that is easily incorporated into any party theme. To save money have your oval sticker do double duty, which is great on the budget. Some of the examples in this post illustrate this money-saving technique because honestly, how many of us have unlimited funds when it comes to party planning?

Mini Champagne & Mini Wine Bottles

Mini Champagne bottles with oval stickers

Birthday Party Favors

Juice Bottles, Goodie Bags & Favor Boxes

Oval stickers on kid's birthday party favors

 Gift Bag Stickers

Oval Sticker for Wine Gift Bag Save-the-Date

Other ways to use your oval stickers are:

  • Candy Boxes
  • Homemade Candles
  • Bath Soaps & Salts
  • Canning Jars
  • Soda Bottles
  • Food Jars
  • Limoncello Bottles

Common Questions About Our Oval Stickers:

Q: How do they stick?

A: The oval comes with a self adhesive backing. Peel the sticker off the sheet and the backing is ready to stick; no glue needed.

Q: Are they waterproof?

A: The labels are waterproof, so chill your bottles in the fridge or coolers of ice.

Q: How long does it take to get my order of oval stickers?

A: We ship within two business days. The time it takes to get to you after that depends on what shipping method you select.

Q: I only need a few stickers. What is the least amount I can order?

A: The minimum order for oval stickers is 8.

Have questions about making your own oval stickers? Contact us; info at bottleyourbrand dot com. We’re also on live chat weekdays 9 to 3 Pacific time.






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