Summer Beach Party Ideas

Beach barbecues, surfing, and volleyball; are there any activities as reminiscent of summer as these?  If mountain ski slopes are the home of winter, then the beach must be summer’s residence!  The feel of sand under your toes, the sound of waves crashing on the beach, and the gorgeous colors of a beach sunset are just some of what makes spending a day at the beach so much fun.

Beaches are natural locations for parties, because there’s a little something for everybody.  Playing in the water, hitting a volleyball around, or even just lazing around and taking in the view, no matter who you invite it’s bound to be a good time.  If you’re one of the lucky few who lives close to the beach, take advantage!  Beach parties are perfect for birthdays, holidays, or just about any other occasion!

Here are some beach party ideas to spark your creativity:

  • Shelter.  Beaches don’t tend to offer a lot of shade naturally, so pack up a folding canopy or some umbrellas.  Someone will inevitably forget to put on sunscreen and will appreciate the shade like you wouldn’t believe!
  • Cold drinks.  Beaches get hot, and there’s nothing worse than being parched and stuck without anything to drink!  Pack a cooler or two with ice and load it up beverages.  If you’re feeling extra fancy, use custom labels to spice up your beverages.  How cute would the water label featured above look on some water bottles sitting on the beach?!  Don’t worry, all our labels will withstand water and ice without smearing or falling off.
  • Seating.  Sure, sitting on the sand is fine, but pack along some chairs as well for those who don’t want to or have difficulty sitting on the ground.
  • Ice.  Don’t fall victim to food poisoning!  Keep all your food properly refrigerated by bringing along lots of ice.  Beach parties are fun, botulism isn’t.
  • Activities.  Bring a volleyball net, some sports balls, and wood for a bonfire if you have a pit nearby.  By making sure there’s a variety of activities, you’ll insure your guests don’t get bored, though who can possibly get bored on the beach?

As far as beach party ideas go, this is a pretty original one!  Just stick on our fully adhesive labels, throw them into a cooler, and have fun!


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