Baby Shower Wine Labels

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It might seem counterintuitive to have wine at a baby shower, but it’s actually surprisingly common.  After all, just because the mom-to-be isn’t going to imbibe, it doesn’t mean the rest of the guests at the shower can’t!  Wine at baby showers is a classy refreshment and, when enjoyed in moderation, can help people loosen up a little.

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of personalized bottled water at baby showers.  Bottled water and baby showers go together seamlessly, but what about wine?  Well, wine is a surprisingly natural addition to baby showers as well.

The menu for most baby showers tends to gravitate toward sweet treats and light snacks, and wine is a lovely accompaniment to this kind of spread.  Set out a bottle of red and chilled bottle of white in addition to your other refreshments and watch your guests delight over the choices!

Of course, if you personalize the bottled water at your baby shower, you’ll certainly want to customize the wine labels as well.  The great thing about our new website is that now it’s easy to use the same design on multiple products!  You can personalize your water label, and then apply that same design to your wine label in the same order.

We have lovely baby shower wine labels to choose from, and even more water label and custom label designs.  You can mix and match, or coordinate your stickers, wine, and water labels!  It’s a lot of fun to see your baby shower decor come together when the big day rolls around, and even more fun watching guests notice the special touches you included.





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