Animal-Shaped Daycare Stickers Your Kids Will Love

Send your kids off to daycare with all of their gear labeled with animal-shaped stickers. Label everything from sippy cups to baby shoes. There’s a reason I love these daycare stickers–they’re cute and durable! For those moms who need to keep track of all the things their littles own, these labels will make you a fan. And best of all there’s a low minimum order quantity of 20!

Choose an animal based on your child’s interests, then edit the pre-made designs with their name and information. The result – vivid colors with a firm adhesive to hold them in place, no matter what creative abuse your child dishes out. Don’t let the allure of cheaper stickers reel you in. These are not paper, but durable vinyl stickers which are made to last. Our daycare stickers are printed with a commercial press known as the Hp (Hewlett-Packard) Indigo. The print result is photo quality.

Animal Shape Daycare Stickers

Daycare stickers shaped like animals including alligator, dog, cat, dolphin, bunny, dinosaur, and bear. Durable vinyl name stickers your kids will love.

Kid’s Favorite Animals

According to these are kid’s favorite animals:

  • Panda
  • Meerkat
  • Tiger
  • Rabbit
  • Koala Bear
  • Guinea Pig
  • Monkey
  • Penguin

My experience with kids tells me these “animals” are popular as well

Shaped name stickers for sippy cups and thermoses

Though sending your children off to daycare isn’t always what you want to do, we make it easier for you to keep track of their things, including all important cups, formula bottles and and bowls. Keep germs at bay with your child’s name on every item including those that need to be washed.

Stickers for kids that are waterproof. Great for bottles, sippy cups, and more.

Shaped name stickers for baby bottles

We work diligently to provide you with stickers that are made from the best material and are visually appealing like this delightful unicorn shape name label.

Unicorn shaped name stickers for formula bottles, water bottles and more for your child's things.

Animal Name Stickers for Kid’s Shoes

These durable name stickers aren’t just for drinkware, they’re also great for shoes and sandals, including anything your child might get wet. The adhesive is made to stick even in water.

Name stickers durable enough for kids shoes.

Durable name stickers for lunchboxes and water bottles

For some mom’s any sticker will do, but choosy mom’s choose stickers that last and are adorable. If you ask moms, the brighter and more eye-catching the stickers, the easier to locate belongings.

Vinyl, durable name stickers for daycare items like lunchboxes and thermoses.

Waterproof Name Stickers in Animal Shapes

Pardon me, but if ever there was a name sticker that deserved to get attention, it’s the ones that can survive energetic puddle-jumping and rainy winter walks. When searching for stickers you’ll want ones that are waterproof plus cute. Can’t get more appealing than animal shapes!

Waterproof name stickers for rainboots, outdoor gear and more, all in cute animal shapes.

Make Your Own Animal Shape Name Sticker for Kids

Get creative by making your own animal shape in place of using one of our templates. Just make sure your animal shape is a PNG file and 300 pixels per inch resolution. Once you’ve uploaded your shape choose a font and color for your child’s name and phone number using the text tool. Any color of the rainbow is available along with hundreds of font styles. Allow a stark contrast in color for the words versus the background so the name and information are easy to read. However you create it, you’re sure to appreciate our low minimum order quantity of 20 animal shape daycare stickers.

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A turtle shaped name label for kids' daycare stuff. Personalize online.

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