A Little Takeout For Your Wedding…

Takeout boxes are absolutely adorable at weddings, even if your decor is not even a little bit influenced by Asia.  They’re eye-catching, easily portable, roomy enough to store unruly favors, and totally fun to dress up!

To make this look work for you, order personalized labels from Bottle Your Brand in the color, size, and style you feel will match your wedding reception’s decor.  When your labels arrive, peel off the protective backing to expose the adhesive, and then stick the labels to one side of the takeout box.

Next, buy some ribbon that matches the colors on your custom label.  Cut the ribbon into lengths that will wrap around the outside of the takeout box when it’s closed, and leave a little extra ribbon at the end so you can tie a bow.

Fill the box with whatever favors you’d like to send home with your guests, and then tie the boxes closed with the ribbon.  Now you’ve got a gorgeous piece of table decor filled with goodies your guests will be so excited to take home!

We have a huge selection of custom wedding labels designed already, but if you have your own ideas going on, you can easily design your own label using our design online tool.  Either way, it’s fine to us!  We’re just happy to be involved in helping you celebrate!





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