8 Easy Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas

8 Easy & Inexpensive Gift Wrap Ideas: Photo Collage Guide

8 Easy Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas

It’s one week until Christmas eve and if you’re looking for creative, but inexpensive ideas to wrap your food and wine gifts we hope this photo collage inspires you. This is the final installment of our series on holiday gift wrap ideas using custom stickers and labels. We end this series with a visual summary of projects from our previous blog posts and we add a couple of extras as a bonus.

Print out this page and take it with you when you’re shopping, to serve as a reminder of the supplies you’ll need. All of the materials are readily available at stores like Joann Fabric & Crafts, Michaels and Target. None of the projects were expensive to make and all of them are easy enough for those of you who don’t have a Martha Stewart bone in your body. The only item that will cost you more than $5 is the snowflake punch for the cut-outs on project number five. Everything else we used to create the packaging including the min-paint can are under $1.  The custom gift tag stickers and wine labels run $9.90 for ten. That’s $0.99 each.

Projects are as follows:

  1. Mini-Paint Can Favor with Circle Sticker
  2. Christmas Party Favor Gable Box with Gift Tag Stickers
  3. Wine Gift Wrap Idea with Custom Wine Label
  4. Wine Gift with Breadsticks and Holiday Wine Label
  5. Easy Food Gift Package with Food Label
  6. Hot Chocolate Mix Cone Bag with Gift Tag Sticker
  7. Scallop Treat Bag with Rectangle Sticker
  8. Snowflake Box for Baked Goods with Square Sticker

Be looking for more unique ways to use custom stickers and labels as we welcome the new year at Bottle Your Brand. Upcoming posts will include trade show hand out ideas, wedding labels and getting approval on wine labels for selling your own wine.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous and Healthy New Year in 2014.



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