8 Funny Sayings You’ll Want On St. Patrick’s Day Cup Stickers

Make St. Patrick's Day Funny Cup Stickers

While no one wants to cancel St. Patrick’s Day it will definitely look a lot different than years past. If you feel comfortable with hosting a few family and friends for St. Patrick’s Day make it a backyard party. Outdoor parties provide plenty of airflow and space between guests, but still allow for celebrating. Keep social distancing in mind and take the proper precautions. Check your local guidelines as to how many people are allowed, not only for safety’s sake but for that one neighbor who feels the need to be the tattle tale of the neighborhood.  

To get ready for the party go all out on the yard decorations. Use glowing shamrock string lights, make helium Shamrock and Leprechaun balloon bunches, play Irish music, hand out green glow necklaces, and add a popup tent for guests with at least two sides open, provide space heaters or blankets, drinks, and food.

Who's Your Paddy? Funny cup sticker for St. Patrick's Day party cups.

Bring the party to the next level and set up a drink station providing green drink cups with funny St. Patrick’s Day cup stickers and frosty pitchers of green beer on ice. After all, a Saint Patrick’s Day party wouldn’t be complete without beer and a few jokes at the expense of those who love it a wee bit too much. Funny stickers with leprechauns and four leaf clovers turn ordinary drink cups into conversation starters and fabulous party decorations.

Funny St. Patrick's Day saying for cup stickers, "Let's Get Shamrocked."

Eight Funny Sayings for St. Patrick’s Day Cup Stickers

Eight funny sayings for St. Patrick's day cup stickers. Make these stickers for your St. Paddy's day party favors. Add one to each drink cup and watch the guests enjoy them.
St. Pat's Drinking Team cup sticker. Add this sticker to beer cups for party decorations.
Liquid Luck St. Patrick Day cup stickers come in sheets with peel away backing. Self-adhesive and waterproof.
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Funny saying for celebrating St. Patrick's day, "Let the shenanigans begin." Perfect party decorations for cups and favors.

These circle stickers are available in two sizes: 2 inch and 2.5 inch diameter. They’re fully adhesive and waterproof, or should we say beer proof. Make your own cup sticker sayings for any party from Saint Patrick’s Day to Halloween. Using the online design studio you don’t need an expensive graphics program to get outstanding results.

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