7 Ways To Use Promotional Bottled Water For Business Branding

Business owners often need to get creative to promote their business. Besides the usual advice about having an online presence with a website and social media, in-person contact where you actually come face to face with people or potential customers (novel idea right?) calls for a proven branding strategy. Giveaways are one sure way to be remembered and a healthy giveaway like promotional bottled water is an effective means of branding.

Prepping the trade show booth including branded bottled water for giveaways

What is Promotional Bottled Water?

It’s not complicated;  it’s a bottle of water with your information on the label versus the bottled water company’s information. Your logo, your name, your photo, and all of your vital information is right there for all to see digitally printed in vivid colors on a waterproof label. With the recent popularity of drinking water over sugary sodas or juices it’s a win-win all around.

Six Items to Include on the Label of Your Promotional Bottled Water

  1. Logo or photo
  2. Address
  3. Phone number
  4. Web address
  5. Contact email
  6. Motto or slogan

Example of a custom promotional water bottle label for a business:

An example of a promotional bottled water label that included important information.

Seven Ways to Use Your Branded Promotional Bottled Water

1. Reception Area Amenity

A good impression is usually made within a few seconds of a client entering your office. To make your customers feel welcome and comfortable keep your own branded bottled water on hand. Make sure your receptionist offers everyone a bottle before they’re seated. This custom promotional water is for a dental office.

promotional bottled water for a dental practice

Branded bottled water in a reception area

2. Charity Runs/Walks

A relevant way to get your name out at local charity runs and walks is promotional bottled water with your logo and information.  Your company can hand out the bottles for thirsty participants at various hydration stations or at the end of the run/walk. It’s a great way to get your name out in the community.

Charity walks and runs call for branded bottles with your logo

Custom labeled water for charity runs and walks

3. Swag Bags

It’s not always the fancy things in a swag bag that stand out. Adding bottled water with your custom logo is a good way to get noticed and appreciated. Everyone will love taking home a refreshing bottle of water. After all, who doesn’t need water?

Swag bag bottled water with branding on the label

4. Tradeshows

Have you ever walked the hard cement floor of a trade show and felt thirsty and in need of something to drink? Capture your potential customers interest with a promotional bottle of water in your booth and hold their attention a little longer while they linger and enjoy the drink. This trade show booth draws customers in with the sign, “Grab a Water.”

Trade show bottled waters with promotional labels

5. Company Meetings

Board meetings, team building, status updates, problem solving, all call for amenities to make the attendees more comfortable. Bottled water with your company logo sitting on the conference table is sure to give a good impression to clients and employees alike.

Promotional bottled water for business meetings and conferences

6. Community Events

Get your name known in your local community and be remembered after events like parades, picnics, barbecues, and craft fairs are over by handing out promotional bottled water branded with your company logo. An information booth stocked with your branded bottled water will get citizens’ attention and promote brand awareness, especially if you’re a local retailer or service provider.

7. Sponsorships

When sponsoring local teams like Little League, High School sports, or clubs a great handout for the participants and attendees is custom bottled water. Along with your business information include the team mascot and even their photo. It’s a great way to show your interest and get the word out about your business and show your civic mindedness. Parents have a soft spot for anyone who has an interest in their child and this puts your business in a good light. Here a law office sponsors the school team the Green Gators. They give away bags of goodies with a bottled water included.

Branded bottles for sponsoring teams and clubs

So how are other business owners using their promotional bottled water? Check out just a few of the photos they’ve sent us.

Branded bottles for sponsorships

Trade show promotional bottled water

Personalized bottled water for office reception areas

Bottles with custom branding for a doctors office

Custom bottled water for a dermatology clinic

Branded water bottle

How Do I Make My Promotional Bottled Water?

You may be wondering, “So how does this work?” Pretty simple really. Locate a high resolution copy of your logo. Don’t use a web banner because the resolution is too low; get a file your graphic person has created for print material. Save it to your device so you have easy access to the file. Then decide, do you want to purchase the bottles with the labels already on them or do you want to order just the labels and put them on bottles you purchase locally? Once you’ve decided, choose a size and a quantity then make sure to click into the online designer by selecting the orange Customize It button. Once in the online designer click ADD IMAGE to browse your files and upload your logo. From there select ADD TEXT and type in your message. You’ll find over 100 font styles to choose from. The text can be resized, changed to the color you like, and moved. You can even choose your own background color. Be sure to create an account to save your design. That way you can come back later to edit or share with co-workers. When you get the design just right add it to the cart and complete the order. Custom promotional bottled water in cases of 24 takes about 9 business days to produce and then add in shipping time on top of that. If you’re in a big hurry then order just the water bottle labels since they take only two days to make and you can expedite the shipping at a reasonable cost.

custom bottled water******

Visit our website www.bottleyourbrand.com to create your branded bottled water. It’s all done online. There are no forms to fill out and submit and you don’t need to make a phone call. The online design studio allows you to upload your logo, add text, and submit your order quickly and easily. If you do need help email us at info at bottleyourbrand.com or live chat with us weekdays Pacific time 9 am to 3 pm.


10 responses to “7 Ways To Use Promotional Bottled Water For Business Branding”

  1. surendra

    hi,i wanna open a restaurant soon,am looking for Bottelwater with my company logo.can you help me with the details.

    1. Hi Surenda,
      Our website is set up for customers to upload their own graphics and create their own label using our design online tool. Your artwork should be at least 300 pixels per inch resolution to print clearly.
      Start at MAKE YOUR OWN on the website header and from the drop down choose the product you wish to customize.
      On the next page is where you select your size and quantity. You’ll see pricing here based on the amount you choose.
      Next click the Customize It! button.
      You are now presented with a blank label canvas. Review the tools for your design options to the left of the canvas.
      The ADD IMAGE tool will browse your files for your artwork or logo.
      Type in text and adjust the font style, color and size.

      Production runs about ten business days and please allow another 5 business days for shipping.

      Thanks for visiting our blog.

  2. we are looking for branding our company on the water bottles.

    1. Hi Kiran, we sent you an email to let you know how to proceed. Thanks.

  3. Sam De Haan

    Awesome idea
    Could you please give me a price for bottle and label
    And then just label in what ever amount comes in a pack.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Sam, we don’t ship our bottles internationally, but we do ship the labels only. The pricing can be found here in U.S. dollars: https://www.bottleyourbrand.com/water+bottle+labels Choose a size then a quantity from the drop down menu.

  4. Sahil Shende


    We as a company XYZ will purchase some water bottles from a bottle manufacturer. The said bottle manufacturing company is having its own brand and FSSAI license. XYZ company is an automobile company. XYZ would like to promote its own brand and will ask the bottle manufacturer company to affix a sticker on the bottle which will display brand of XYZ. XYZ will sell those bottles to its dealers PAN INDIA and the dealer will offer the bottles to its customers free of cost.

    My question is, will XYZ liable for any FSSAI license/registration or compliance under Food Safety.

    Will XYZ company’s name and address needs to be printed on the bottle? What are labelling requirements?

    1. Hello, thank you for your inquiry. In the US the FDA requires we include the contents of the bottle, the name of the bottling company, the fluid ounces and our URL. We do not ship our custom bottled water internationally however.
      I hope this answers your question.

  5. Nashee

    looking for a brand for our bottled water

    1. Hello, thanks for contacting us. We sell custom labeled bottled water with your label. You can design and upload your label online. Order starting here: https://www.bottleyourbrand.com/custom-label-bottled-water.

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