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45 Wedding Wine Labels Made by Real Couples

You’ve chosen a venue, picked a caterer but now you need to think about the final touches for your wedding. Have you considered personalized wedding wine labels? In this post see examples of  wine labels made by couples just like you. We show you 45 wedding wine labels from actual orders. Some of them are photo wine labels and others are text only. All of them are unique, whether made from a wedding wine label template or made from scratch. We’re sure you’ll feel confident enough to make your own labels after you’re finished viewing this post.

Eight Wedding Wine Labels With Messages

Actual wedding wine labels with wedding verses made by real brides and grooms.The wedding verses on the above wine labels are listed below

  1. A wish is a dream your heart makes.
  2. He Asked, She Said YES!!
  3. Many Thanks & Much Love. For all that YOU do…Please have a glass (or Two) on us!
  4. May our love be like good wine, grow stronger as it grows older.
  5. 55 Days Til I Say “I do”. Thanks for all your good wishes for the soon to be Mrs.
  6. To our Family and Friends, Thank you for the unconditional support, encouragement, love and laughter.
  7. Eat, Drink, and Get Married.
  8. Good Luck Champagne.

Beach Theme Wedding Labels-One for Each Wine Served

Beach theme wedding wine labels with different wine names.


 Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue Photo Wine LabelsSomething Old, Something New Wedding Wine Labels


Make a Wine Label with a Popular Verse

Wedding Wine Label with the a popular verse.This verse was used to create a very simple, yet elegant wine label, “Let us celebrate this occasion with a good wine.”


 Two Funny Wedding Wine LabelsWedding-Wine-Labels-Marriage-AdviceThese funny wedding wine labels give some humorous advice. The first says, “The secret to enjoying this wine. 1. Open the bottle and allow to breathe. 2. If it does not appear to be breathing, give mouth to mouth. The second is pretty amusing too, “Like Good Wine, Marriage Gets Better With Age Once You Learn To Keep a Cork In It.

 “Pun-ny” Wine Labels

Wine labels for a wedding using the last name as a play on words for the name of the wine.

Wedding Ring Wine Labels

Wedding Wine Label with wedding rings and a photo of the couple. Wedding Rings are featured on this wine label in a photo that was uploaded by the engaged couple. Make your wedding rings the focus of your wine label with a photo.

Photo Wine Labels

Photo wine labels are a popular wedding favor.Many couples use a favorite photo with a custom message to add a personal touch to their wedding wine favors.


Wine Labels Made From Memories

Wedding wine labels made from memories of a friendship turned to romance.Photos from childhood and a screen shot of a Facebook conversation make interesting wine labels for your wedding. Each couple shared a little bit of their story with labels like these.


Wine Labels Made with Clip Art

Two wedding wine labels with clip art uploaded by customers.

Custom Artwork Wine Labels

Two Wedding Wine Labels with Customer Created GraphicsCustom graphics can be uploaded directly to our site to create wedding wine labels. If you have a graphic designer working with you, th eartwork  file can be uploaded directly to the design canvas. The resolution should be 300 pixels per inch for optimum results.


 Wedding Wine Labels Made from a Photo Shoot

From a photo shoot, the bride and groom made six different wine labels for their wedding.Take a series of photos and upload them to create a personal story on your wine labels. This couple made six wedding wine labels with their black and white photos. A pop of hot pink is a fabulous touch.

Wedding Wine Labels with No Text

Wine labels made with photos from a professional photography session.For a fast way to make your wine labels simply upload your photos. No text needed, the photos speak for themselves.


 Wedding Wine Labels Made with Text Only

Make your own wedding wine label by using text only.You don’t need a graphic artist or a professional photo shoot to make custom wedding wine labels. These four labels show how strategically placed text. with the right color and fonts. make amazing looking wine labels. A perfect favor for anyone on a budget.

Use a Template or Make Your Own From Scratch

There are two ways to make a wedding wine label: use our templates or make your own from scratch. We show you examples of both labels. To use a ready-made wedding wine label template is easy. Start here to choose a design. After you select a design and choose a quantity, click Personalize. From the design canvas click Edit on the text and start typing like you would in a Word document. We recommend you create an online account so you can save your designs and choose your favorite to order.

Make Your Own from scratch by starting on this page. Start typing and change the text style, size and color. From your computer upload a photo or clip art. Use the online tools to arrange your label. It’s actually quite fun and easier than you might think.

Have questions about making your labels. Email us at [email protected].


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