25 Christmas Wine Label Sayings to Tickle Your Funny Bone

Some of us are not quite ready to let go of Fall, but Winter is approaching and that can only mean one thing in the lives of shoppers; Christmas is just around the corner! Christmas wine labels are a huge favorite of our customers, for gift giving, holiday parties, and celebratory wine imbibing. Make a memorable impact this gift giving season with funny Christmas wine bottle labels.

Funny Christmas wine label, "It's 5 o'clock at the North Pole." Create your funny wine gift by personalizing a wine label online.
Bottom's Up! Santa has fallen down the chimney on this funny Christmas wine label. Add your holiday greeting for gifts and parties.

At Bottle Your Brand we’re firm believers that making holiday wine labels shouldn’t be an intimidating experience, nor should it be as complicated as rocket science. In that spirit we’re sharing 25 of our favorite funny Christmas wine label sayings so all you have to do is copy them. No need to wrack your brain for a clever tome. Some of these sayings are already available as templates for you to personalize. All of them are here for you to use on your wine bottle label whether you select a template or you make your own wine labels using our online design studio. Feel free to use as many of these humorous holiday wine sayings as often as you like.

Christmas wine labels with funny sayings like "Let's Get Jolly By Golly," are easy to personalize for the holidays.
"Let's Get Frosted" Christmas wine label with funny saying. Make a funny Christmas wine label online.

The magical intermingling of humor and wine has the power to make even the grinchiest grinch smile. Not sure what to say on your funny Christmas wine label? We have scoured the internet and amassed Christmas wine sayings we think are worthy of your wine bottles.

A List of 25 Funny Christmas Wine Label Sayings

  1. The weather outside is frightful, but the wine is so delightful.
  2. Happy Alcoholidays.
  3. The most wonderful wine of the year.
  4. Jingle Juice, Tis the season to get tipsy.
  5. It’s 5 o’clock at the North Pole.
  6. Forget milk & cookies, Got wine?
  7. I’m dreaming of a Wine Christmas.
  8. Oh what fun it is to imbibe.
  9. Cheers to working on a Santa bod.
  10. It’s a wine-derful life.
  11. Gettin blitzened.
  12. Let’s get jolly by golly.
  13. This wine might get you on the naughty list.
  14. Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle. 
  15. Holiday survival kit; in case of emergency pull cork
  16. Snow is falling, wine is calling.
  17. Christmas time is better with wine.
  18. Dashing through the snow with a bottle of Merlot.
  19. Wine to end up on Santa’s naughty list.
  20. Ho Ho Ho, Pour the Merlot.
  21. Peace, love, and tipsiness.
  22. Sipping through the snow.
  23. As soon as we have wine the holidays will be fine.
  24. Surviving Christmas one sip at a time
  25. Let’s get frosted! Cheers to the holidays.
Don't get your tinsel in a tangle funny Christmas wine label. This wine label is bordered by snowy garlands and has room for your greeting.
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Funny Christmas wine label, Ho Ho Ho Pour the Merlot! Customize online for wine gifts this holiday.

How to Use Holiday Wine Labels

Place your wine labels over the existing label on the bottle by removing the peel and stick backing. The material is heavy enough to cover the label on the bottle. If the wine label on the bottle is larger than the new one, then soak the old wine label off in warm soapy water and scrape with a plastic blade to remove any glue residue. Make sure to rinse any soap off the bottle and dry it completely. A bottle at room temperature easily accepts a new label. If the bottle is too cold when you apply the label, it won’t stick as well. Once the label is on you can chill the wine bottle and even put it in ice.

Need Help Making Your Wine Labels for the Holidays?

No matter what or how you plan on using your labels, Christmas wine labels are a great way to enhance your celebration. Most custom gifts come with a big price tag, but not at Bottle Your Brand. We have everything you need to create wow-worthy wine labels without breaking the bank. Get just one custom holiday wine label for under $4 US or order as many as you need to make wine gifts for your business, church, open house, or Christmas party.

If you have questions about ordering wine labels or any of our products please email us; info at bottleyourbrand dot com, or visit live chat on our site M – F, 9 am to 3 pm, Pacific time zone.


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