Month: March 2012

  • Peachy Keen Jellybean!

    Easter is almost here and it always makes us think of bunnies, eggs, carrots, chocolate, and jellybeans! Jellybeans are known for being an Easter kind of candy, but they are really great for a celebration any time of year. With Easter and jellybeans on our minds, we started thinking of all the cute and creative…

  • Cowgirl Party Theme

    Time to round up all of the little cowgirls and cowboys you know, for a Western style birthday party. We’ve seen a lot of Cowboy themed birthday parties out there, but we thought it was time the girls got their own – there should be more Cowgirl birthdays! So, we came up with a super…

  • Gender Reveal Baby Shower

    We’ve noticed a lot of gender reveal baby shower themes out there recently and we think its such an adorable way to announce whether you’ll be having a boy or girl. It can be a surprise to everyone including you, or you can surprise just your guests with the news.

  • Creative Wedding Wine Label

    Creative Wedding Wine Label

    When it comes to wedding wine labels we see a lot of initials, monograms, photos of the happy couple and lots of quotes about love and marriage. So, when we saw this idea for a custom wine label for a wedding, we were enchanted to see something so different! Not to mention, its useful at…