Our pick for 12 romantic wedding fonts

12 Romantic Wedding Fonts You Should See

:: Twelve Romantic Wedding Fonts for Your Wedding Favors ::

With the wedding season fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about making your wedding favors and wedding labels for the big day. Whether your wedding is formal, casual or has a theme, you’ll want to chose a font type that gives the exact impression you want to make. The world of typography is flooded with fonts of all styles and with internet access anyone can download thousands of fonts in an instant. Wading through all of those fonts would take weeks. That’s why we offer a wide variety of web fonts in our design studio, but not so many you’re overwhelmed.

We’ve compiled a list of 12 romantic wedding fonts for making your wedding labels. Each one creates a mood or sets a tone, if you will. We wanted to provide you with a quick resource for choosing fonts so you don’t have to spend a lot of time experimenting, although that can be fun too if you’re so inclined.

Our Top Font Picks for Weddings

So let’s get started with our first pick, Allura. This is what is known as a script font and is designed to look hand-written. It’s a clean-looking font and perfect for creating sophisticated, yet understated wedding labels.

Allura is a script font we recommend to make wedding labels.

Below is the serif font Lustria. Serif fonts have little “flags” or “tags” on the ends of  their letters. Lustria is more polished than the stand-by serif font Times New Roman and has a more refined profile than most serif fonts.

Lustria font for wedding labels

Great Vibes is described as “… a beautifully flowing connecting script.” It has clean loops and a fun look.


Monsieur LaDoulaise is a script font with many looping flourishes and emits a regal feel. For a formal wedding this is a font you may want to consider.

Monsieur LaDouliase is a script font for formal weddings

If you’re looking for a script font that looks as if it was written by hand, try Mrs. Saint Delafield. It’s not as formal as Monsieur LaDoulaise. This wedding font gives your labels a personalized feel since it mimics great penmanship.

Mrs. Saint Delafield is a handwritten script font

The font Niconne is reminiscent of wedding fonts from formal invitations in the 1950’s and 60’s. Your parents may have used this font so it’s perfect for brides who are creating the same atmosphere of decades past.


One of the favorites of our customers is Pinyon Script. It’s very similar to BixAntique Script, but maybe not as well known. It’s a romantic flowing, almost showy, but not quite, font.

Wedding font Pinyon Script

If calligraphy is your thing you may want to make your own labels with Felipa font. It’s not traditional calligraphy and that’s what we like about it.

Felipa font for wedding labels

A fanciful script font you will want to see is Ruthie. This font is a very stylized script font that is calligraphic in nature. It’s capital letters are very ornate. It looks as if it was handwritten with a very fine fountain pen.

Ruthie wedding font

Sofia is described as a “coquettish” and it does feel like a flirty font since at first glance it emits a playful tone. It’s an upright script font which would work well on Bachelorette Party or Wedding Shower labels.

Sofia wedding font

A delicate, genteel handwritten font is Tangerine. It is reported to be inspired by 16th century handwritten manuscripts.

Tangerine wedding font

Yesteryear is a connecting script font with a 1940’s feel. If your wedding has a retro theme like something from Mad Men or the 40’s and 50’s you like the look of this font.


Experiment with Fonts

Our label design studio offers hundreds of fonts grouped in the following categories: Sans Serif, Display, Serif, Handwriting, Common, and Popular. These categories save you time when looking for a particular font style. Take some time in our design studio and have fun experimenting with different fonts and soon you’ll see how much difference the perfect font makes. Whether you’re making wedding water bottle labels or gift tags the wide choices we offer in our font library will give you the control you want over your wedding label design.





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