Wine Labels for Weddings

A really good wedding has it all, good food, good friends, family, a fun and inviting venue, personalized decorations and of course, an open bar… at least a cash bar, ok at least beer and wine with custom wedding labels. Above all though it's about the bride and groom, and ultimately about the bride.

Up until the wedding day it's stressful, planning, coordinating, picking things out, getting color schemes, designs and favor ideas together, you name it. There's a ton to do when planning a wedding and there are literally, we mean in reality, a zillion wedding planners that you can use. If you go that route that's great, a good wedding planner will take the bulk of stress out of the whole ordeal and do all the leg work for you. The downside is it comes with a cost, the average wedding planner costs $3,636 if you live in the Northeast and about a thousand less, at $2,635, if you live in the South in the good old USA.

colorful wedding wine label

If you go the DIY route, as more and more bride and grooms are opting to do for planning their wedding, then you need to start by getting organized. Here's a rough list of what you need just to get going planning your wedding:

  1. A date
  2. A venue
  3. A photographer
  4. A caterer
  5. A minister or officiate
  6. Save the date cards and invitations
  7. Florist
  8. Decorations including favors such as custom wedding wine or beer labels
  9. DJ or a band
  10. Drinks, beer, wine, bar or all of them?

We realize that's an abbreviated list but just those ten things are a good start for planning a wedding. There are other things such as a wedding dress, tuxes, rings, engagement parties, etc, etc… the list will be long, really long. The longer the list the more expensive it will be, so if you are going the DIY wedding route may we suggest saving some money on the favors and use wedding wine labels as an inexpensive wedding favor? They are easy to create, cost under a dollar and are printed and shipped within two business days. Another suggestion would be custom bottled water with a matching wedding design, as well as wedding stickers to put on favor bags or boxes. But at the very least, wine labels with an engagement picture of you two with your names and date is classy and adds a personal, heartwarming touch to the table settings. Since the minimum order size is 6 labels you can order a variety of designs for your wedding wine.


According to the Knot in a study done in 2014 the average wedding size is 136 people. Given that information we know from winowoman.com that you can assume one glass of wine per hour per guest. So for 136 people at a 4 hour wedding reception you would need 544 glasses of wine, 136 people x 4 hours x 1 glass per hour = 544 glasses. Still with us? Good so those 544 glasses of wine translate into 108.8 bottles of wine because there are roughly 5 glasses in each bottle. You should round upward and get 110 bottles, because there will always be that guy or girl that drinks more than one glass per hour. If you need 110 bottles of wine, you can order wine labels with personalized designs in multiples of 6. Then you could create 18 different wedding wine labels.


Wine labels aside, you need other decorations as well and before you even get to that point you need to decide upon a color palette or color scheme. Most people choose two or three colors and those colors depend upon the vibe you're trying for at your wedding. For example if you're going for a traditional wedding go with something simple like black and white or black and cream but if you're going for a summer outdoorsy type wedding then maybe gold, peach and green will work. If it's a fall, indoor wedding perhaps merlot, peach and sage. See what we mean? Now once you're done with color, head over to Pinterest and look at wedding color schemes. You can get lost there for hours and hours. The important thing is to stick to the colors you choose with both your wedding favors, labels accessories or any other decorations you use. Keeping the colors consistent will help give the wedding a finished and more expensive look, but hey, isn't that what everyone wants?


If you get stuck on what to do we have several blog posts about wedding designs, favors, labels and so on. Another good resource is our Instagram where you can see customer submitted images of how other brides incorporated wedding wine labels shaped labels, and stickers on their special day.

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