Wedding Water: The Wedding Favor Everyone Appreciates

"Have you ever been to a wedding where you welcomed the wedding favor and were grateful that the bride had chosen it? No? Well, I remember such a wedding. Like most of you, I can recall weddings I have attended in the past, but not the wedding favors.

Last summer, however, at a wedding on a bluff by the sea, the bride had chosen the most thoughtful wedding favor I can remember. It is one of the things I recall today when I look back at that wedding. It was a glorious day in August and as guests stood chatting on the lawn waiting for the wedding to begin, the late afternoon sun had begun a slow roast on us all. The bride had considered this ahead of time and graciously provided personalized wedding water on ice to give to the guests.

I have never before felt so happy to see a wedding favor and I was not alone. The ushers, decked in their vested suits, were drinking wedding water as well, and attempting to stay cool. Grateful mothers gave their small children their own wedding bottles to keep them happy. Even the photographer had tucked a bottle in his bag of gear in order to cool off in between photo shots.

The smart bride chose a 12 ounce bottle for her wedding favor; a convenient bottle size that even small hands can hold. On the label was a picture of her and her groom along with a personalized message to their guests. The background surrounding the photo and message were flowers in her chosen wedding colors.

Now we all knew she could've gone to the local discount warehouse store and picked up cheap bottled water. But it was so special to the guests to receive a bottle with a photo and message from the bride and groom. It was like getting a personal "thank you" for being there.

The custom label on the bottle invoked the sharing of remembrances between guests about the bride as she was growing up, and served as a conversation starter to those who did not know one another. I still remember how good that water tasted on that hot summer day."

  • Cindy Springer, graphic designer

When you are considering what to choose for your summer or beach wedding favor, think water. With personalized water, you don't have to worry about a wedding favor that has calories, or that someone has an allergic reaction to, or that will sit on a shelf and not be appreciated. Everyone loves water and your guests will thank you for your choice!

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