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The History of Wedding Favors

There is no clear history regarding the introduction of wedding favors into the wedding celebration. The first party favors of note are documented in the 16th and 17th centuries, where bridal couples in England gave out love knots made of lace and ribbons. However, party favors are a way for the wedding couple to thank their guests for attending their wedding and sharing in their celebration. In the United States, the wedding favor has emerged as an integral part of wedding planning, with many couples favoring modern interpretations of old traditions.

Wedding Favors in Cultures around the World

The notion of wedding favors has continued throughout the centuries and has taken on different styles in cultures around the world:

Greece Bom Bom Yara, candy coated almonds, are served to the guests as wedding favors.

Italy The wedding couple gives chocolate covered almonds or marzipan fruits as party favors.

Puerto Rico At the traditional Puerto Rican reception it is customary for a doll, dressed like the bride, to be placed at the head of the wedding party's table. This bride-like doll is covered with little charms, and is given to the guests as a party favor. "Copias" are also passed out as presents to guests. These wedding favors are cards, ornately decorated, with the newlywed's names and the date of their marriage.

Holland The Dutch give out "Bridal Sugar". This party favor is made of five pieces of sweet candy wrapped in tulle. The number five represents five wishes of love, happiness, loyalty, prosperity, and virility.

Maylasia Guests are given hand-painted, decorated eggs as party favors. These symbolize fertility and the hope that the couple will be blessed with children.

Russia Guests are given party favors of picture frames, bud vases, or sachets.

Middle East In some countries in the Middle East, wedding favors are generally candy-coated almonds. These party favors are given in cloth mesh bags or silver tins. Each guest gets five almonds which represent health, wealth, happiness, fertility and longevity.

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