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Popular Wedding Colors

Pantone has done it again and come out with their guide to the hot color for 2014. This year's color is Emerald 17-5641. Even though Emerald is their color of the year, there are a lot of colors on this chart that a fashionable bride could easily use to style her wedding.

Seasonal Wedding Color Trends

For example, we love African Violet for a spring wedding. You could pair Violet with any of the neutral colors on this chart and you'd get a different lovely effect with each combination.

Summer weddings crave bright colors. In this regard Tender Shoots is ideal. This flattering shade of green has enough personality to stand on its own, but it also plays nicely with other colors as well. You could pair Grayed Jade with Emerald to achieve a fabulous summer palette.

For a fall wedding, we love the muted richness of Nectarine. You could pair this color with Linen for a sumptuous Fall palette, or use it in combination with Poppy Red for a spunky, fun feel.

You may think these colors are too bright to use for a winter wedding, but just imagine the effect of a snowy winter wedding with Poppy Red and Grayed Jade accents. These colors are lively enough to bring energy to your wedding, but subdued enough to look natural in a winter setting.

The wedding color chart is just a suggestion, of course. Picking colors for your wedding can be a deeply personal and meaningful decision, or it can be based purely on aesthetics and what makes you happy. These colors are just a suggestion, a helpful tool to help get you started thinking about what colors you'll pick to make your wedding sizzle this year.

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