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Common Wedding Planning Mistakes

Here are some things to consider when planning your wedding to make your day go smoothly.

  • Double check with all your service providers a day or two before the wedding so they do not have any last minute questions that have not been answered. Make sure they have clear instructions regarding times and location.
  • Mix up your music selection at the reception to appeal to all ages and tastes. Not everyone wants to listen to two hours of classic rock. And remember to seat the older guests away from the band.
  • Keep the post-ceremony photos under control. You don't want the joy of the reception to be delayed as everyone waits patiently for you to arrive and the food service to begin.
  • One option is to take portraits before the ceremony. This idea is gaining in popularity as it leaves the bride and groom free at the reception to greet and thank guests.
  • Don't leave too early and don't stay too long at your reception. Many of your guests will feel it's rude to leave before you do. But, be sure to leave early enough so that a large group of family and friends are still around to send you off. Leave small details to your Mom or other designated person so you leave for your honeymoon carefree, knowing that someone is attending to all the loose ends.

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