A Small Wedding Primer

Are you planning a small wedding? What is a "small" wedding? To some of us, "small" refers to the number of guests. For others it may mean the total dollar amount spent from invitations to the honeymoon. Whatever it means to you, a small wedding can have many benefits.

Here are some benefits, besides cost savings, to having a smaller wedding.

  • A small wedding can mean a more peaceful wedding. With less people there is less conversation and a lower decibel level at the reception.
  • Less people equals less stress. Although a smaller guest list can mean those who don't get along are more likely to bump into each other, it also means you can have open seating and allow people to choose where they sit.
  • You can spend more per guest on food and wine. Smoked salmon wins over crackers when choosing appetizers. You can feed your guests better with more money per person.
  • Depending on your venue, you will have more space for bodies. This translates to more room on the dance floor and plenty of seating at the reception tables.
  • Guests get a better view of the wedding ceremony. Your guests can get closer to the ceremony when there are fewer rows of seating.
  • If something goes awry, fewer people will witness it. There will be less people there to see any planning faux pas or inept vendors.
  • There are wider venue choices with a smaller guest list. With fewer guests you widen your choices of wedding locations that can accommodate you.
  • When your invitation list includes only an intimate circle of friends and family, there is less fumbling to remember names and more familiar faces in the reception line.

It's okay to plan a small wedding! Be sure to include our wedding wine labels and bottled water wedding favors as part of your cost savings. We know you will be pleased with the quality and price of our products.

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