Yes We Ship Stickers and Labels To Canada

Do you ship to Canada? We get that question all the time. We love our Canadian neighbors to the north! In fact we are located just outside of Seattle so Canada is just a few short hours away by car. If you're looking for labels or stickers and you're located in Canada here are the basics.

We offer two ship methods to Canada:

  • USPS - Canadian Post (10-14 business days). USPS Canadian Post orders ship for $23.95.
  • UPS Standard Economy (6-10 business days). UPS Standard Economy rates will depend upon your location and the quantity you order.

These transit times are a bit longer than shipping times here in the states, so keep that in mind when you order. If you do need your stickers faster give us a call and we can run UPS quotes to see what other services are available.

we ship to Canada

Just in case you need some help creating an amazing Canadian design here are some great traditional Canadian words or phrases you can use along with their meanings:

  • Loonie – The coin that is the Canadian dollar.
  • Eh – A suffix Canadians add to the end of sentences to initiate a response of agreement or disagreement from another party. “That bumper sticker is really funny, eh?"
  • Beauty – Used when something is well done or something is awesome, We all learned this from Bob and Doug on SCTV or the movie “Strange Brew” (see video below).
  • Brutal – Something unfair, tough or too harsh.
  • Take Off – A way to say "You're kidding", "I don’t believe that" or "Leave me alone!
  • Double-Double – A coffee with two creams and two sugars. In and Out Burger stole that one.
  • Poutine – A wonderful Canadian dish made with fries, gravy and curd cheese.
  • Canuck – A nickname for a Canadian person.


We hope that helps get you started creating your Canadian design. Be creative and show your Canadian pride. We might even post it on our Facebook or Instagram feed for all your American neighbors to see. In fact go ahead and Like and Follow Us on our social accounts and post your pictures of you using our products in the great white north. Use #bottleyourbrand.

Canadian wedding labels, Canadian bumper stickers, Canadian beer labels, party favor stickers to Canada, hockey labels, or even Canadian wine labels (do you guys make a lot of wine in Canada?) we do it all. Not only do we have a bunch of different unique products you can brand with Canadian logos such as drink coasters, we produce them quickly, in just two days, sometimes even the next day! All this talk about Canada has us thinking of our favorite Canadian movie. If you haven't seen this, it's a classic and you should watch it immediately.

We also custom bottled water north to Canada, if you're looking for Canadian custom bottled water. The production time is still the same at 9 business days or less, but UPS shipping time can be a bit longer than here in the states because of the added time it takes to clear customs. Also, please keep in mind that there can be additional brokerage fees and taxes when a shipment passes into Canada from the US. This is especially true when we ship pallets of custom bottled water via freight service. If you would like more information, email us at [email protected] and we'll be more than happy to answer your questions about shipping up to Canada, Eh!

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