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DO NOT RETURN your product. It has your custom information on it and no one else wants it and we don't have a use for it. If you ordered too late and didn't allow enough time for your product to be made and shipped that is not a fault of ours. There are several places on the website that tell you how long it takes to make the products.

We keep a digital copy with a time stamp of every order and its artwork file(s) as it comes through the checkout process. If you think we've made a mistake on the printing of your order please email a photo of your merchandise to our info address to prove it. (Not that we don't trust you, but hey, we are running a business.) If the error is on our side, whether printing or shipping, we'll make every effort to replace the product in time for your event. If the event date has passed we'll issue a refund. We really dislike letting down customers so we'll leap tall buildings to get you the product in time.

If you made a mistake on your order, we are happy to reprint and ship at a special rate. We'll discuss this rate with you via email or phone. We want you to get the product you thought you were getting, even if you ordered at 2 a.m. without your glasses on.

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