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Wine bottles come in a variety of sizes and shapes so when we get the question, "Will your wine labels fit my bottle?" it's tough to answer. The answer is, "Probably." Helpful right? I know, not really. So this page will explain a bit more about wine label sizes, wine bottle sizes, and how to choose the correct wine label size for your particular bottle.

Check out this photo of wine bottles, they are all 750 ml bottles but look at how they are different shapes.


wine bottle shapes for wine labels


Keep in mind these are fairly common bottle styles, if you're a home wine maker you may have a 750 ml bottle that is a completely different shape, proprietary to your brand.

No Standard Wine Label Size

With that in mind you can see how there isn't a "standard" size for wine labels. What we did find over the years is that a good portion of the time the size 3.5" wide x 4" high for a wine label works more often than not, so we adopted that as our standard size. As you can see in this next photo that size fits on a more commonly found 750 ml wine bottle rather nicely.


standard size wine labels


Wine Labels for Mini Bottles

If you want to get a bit fancy or are looking for labels for some smaller wine bottles such as the mini or half size bottles we have sizes for those as well. We offer an oval size wine label that is 2.25"x3.5" that can be printed in portrait or landscape layout. We also have a 2"x3" size, a 3"x2" size and a 3"x3" size for the smaller bottles.

Waterproof Label Material

Since we print all of our labels, regardless of the product type, on the same 100% waterproof durable synthetic material you can also use our other designated product labels for wine labels, if the size works for your application. For example we offer beer labels that are 4" wide x 3.5" high, the same size as our "standard" wine label just printed in landscape orientation. In fact we have a lot of customers that prefer to use the beer label size for their wine labels and it works just fine. The landscape orientation works well for curved bottles such as Champagne bottles too. Some of our small winery customers use the 5"x5" square label for their bottles. Square labels work great on bottles with straight sides.


circle and oval wine labels

Choose The Correct Wine Label Size

In total we offer seven sizes you can choose from to make personalized wine labels and one is bound to work for your bottle. So how do you know which size wine label to design and order? Great question! Start here at our wine label size guide. Print this out on your home printer at 100% size and cut out the sizes you want to check against your bottle. By doing this you will get an accurate representation of the label size on the wine bottle.

Now that you know the size you can get started on the design by either choosing from our pre designed wine label templates or making your own from scratch. Our pre designed wine labels are organized into categories making it easy to find specific themes such as wedding wine labels or birthday wine labels. You can also use the search bar in the header to find specific design names or associated themes you're looking for. It's easy, quick and after your order is completed they are shipped out within two business days.

If you are looking for some good ideas, inspiration or want to see some creative labels check out our Instagram and you can see all sorts of wine label designs.


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