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Our Water Bottle Label Sizes

The most common question we get asked is "what bottles do your labels fit on?" It's a question that can't be answered quickly. The reason is because there are so many brands of bottled water across the country and within certain brands there can be differently shaped bottles based upon the various manufacturing facilities they're shipped from. In other words a 16.9 oz. bottle from Costco in Seattle, Washington might be a slightly different bottle shape than a 16.9 oz. bottle of Costco water in Tampa, Florida.

We have two water bottle label sizes: 8.25"x1.75" and 8"x2.125".

In order to decide what size will work best for you please print out this guide; cut out the two label sizes and then use them to wrap around the bottle you want to use. That will give you an accurate fit and you can proceed with ordering based upon the size you need.

Download our Water Bottle Label Size Guide

water bottle label sizes

Ordering just the water bottle labels only is a great lower cost alternative to ordering custom labeled bottled water. Our water bottle label material is a strong, synthetic material that is 100% waterproof and colorfast. We print using HP indigo digital print technology giving you full color, crisp, photo quality water bottle label designs.

It's worth noting that we offer you the flexibility to order custom water bottle labels right on the website with our design online technology. No phone calls, emails or faxes required unless you prefer to order that way.

With regard to designing water bottle labels, you can do it one of three ways:

  1. Choose a water bottle template design from our extensive collection of pre made designs. You can modify the text, add pictures, logos, clipart and color to make the design your own.
  2. Upload your own finished design. If you prefer, you can design your own label in Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel or any other graphics program. Once you have your final design, save it as a high resolution .jpg, .tiff, or .png file and upload it directly to the design canvas to proceed with placing an order.
  3. Start from a blank canvas right on the website. Simply start here and proceed into the design online studio with a blank water bottle label canvas. You have the ability to add a background color with or without a gradient, upload pictures or logos, add clipart, add text and choose from our extensive library of fonts. There are additional features too, such as the ability to add a QR code, shapes, paths and a freehand pen tool.

Production time is two business days or less, and often times if you place the order early enough in the day your water bottle order will ship the next business day.

design water bottle labels online

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