Kirkland Signature Water Bottle Label Size

Yes, our labels fit on Kirkland Signature water bottles. Kirkland Signature is Costco's main bottled water brand. It's available in a few sizes such as 8 oz., 12 oz., and 16.9 oz. bottles. Read on to see how our personalized water bottles fit on Kirkland Signature bottles.

The Kirkland Signature label is carried on roughly 20% of Costco products, on everything from pet food to wine bottles. Costco created the Kirkland Signature brand to give their customers a quality alternative to other name brand products. Their working rule for Kirkland Signature products is, "It must be equal to or better than the national brand."

Arguably the most popular size of Kirkland Signature is 16.9 oz. It's the most readily available water bottle size at Costco. You'll find it sold by the case, stacked in pallets in the drinks aisle, and in the front of Costco in the vending machines by the checkout lines. The bottle is 8" tall with a 8.125" circumference where the label wraps around.

Costco water bottle ready to be custom labeled

Labels on the Kirkland Signature bottles are better quality than some of the other national brands. They use a synthetic material that is waterproof with a gloss finish. What they do, that is similar to other national brands, is use only a small amount of glue on the end of the label. They peel off easily, so if you want to replace them with our custom labels it's really simple to remove them.

Custom Costco Water Bottle Labels

The label size on a 16.9 oz. bottle is 8.375" long by 1.25" tall. Here it is in comparison to our 8.25" by 1.75" water bottle label.

custom kirkland signature water bottle label

The face of the bottle has a roughly 2" space where there are three ridges the label covers, making it almost a perfect fit for our 8.25" x 1.75" water bottle label however keep in mind there may be a slight overlap. Please use our water bottle label size guide to see the exact fit. Costco's bottles are also much more rigid than some of the other national brands. The mil thickness of the plastic is thicker, making it feel higher quality and also making it easier to apply your new labels to.

kirkland signature bottle with a custom label

We have hundreds of pre made designs for Kirkland Signature water bottles. Simply browse our water bottle labels section and select a design you would like to use. Alternatively, you can design your own label from scratch right on the website. It's also possible to submit a design created in a graphics program, then upload the finished design here.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have further questions. We are in the office from 9 am to 4 pm PST Monday to Friday. You can live chat or talk to us over the phone. If you prefer email, our contact information is in the bottom right corner of the footer below.

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