Arrowhead Water Bottle Label Size

Do our labels fit Arrowhead bottled water? Yes they do. Arrowhead bottled water is an immensely popular brand of bottled water throughout the United States and Canada. Arrowhead can be found at grocery stores, convenience stores, and of course, the major membership clubs.

In case you're interested, Arrowhead bottled water is sourced from selected springs around the US, although the first spring was and still is located on the south slope high in the San Bernardino Mountains. As legend has it the Native American tribes in the area believed that the water had healing properties because it's location was marked by a giant arrowhead in the side of the mountain.

The 16.9 oz or 500 ml bottle is the most popular Arrowhead size. The bottle is 8 inches tall and the circumference where the label wraps is 8.125 inches, almost exactly the same specs as Nestle Pure Life bottles. Arrowhead's 16.9oz bottles come 24 or 36 per case depending upon where you buy it. That works out well because we offer our water bottle labels in minimum orders as low as 10 but then in any increment after that. So if you need exactly 24 or 36 labels we have you covered. Here is how the 16.9 oz. Arrowhead bottle looks.

arrowhead bottled water

The actual label size is 8.25" x 1.375" and the material is a thin coated paper that almost has a waxy feel to it. You'll notice that the label material is so thin that many Arrowhead bottles have some type of damage to the label material, whether it be a tear or a crumple. Their labels are water resistant, NOT waterproof. If you leave them submerged for any length of time they eventually dissolve and fall off the bottle. Our water bottle labels will not. Here is their label next to our 8.5" x 1.75" custom water bottle label.

custom labels for arrowhead water

Like most of the other major national bottled water brands, Arrowhead labels are applied with dots of glue at the very end of the label so it’s easy to pull them off the bottles. That's good news if you're looking to label Arrowhead bottles with our custom labels, because you can quickly remove the existing labels with a minimal amount of glue left over. If you do choose to leave the labels on and apply ours over theirs you can do so, just be aware that the labels may easily fall off because theirs aren't affixed securely and are not completely waterproof.

arrowhead water bottle label

Design Labels For Arrowhead Bottled Water

Ideal for weddings favors, fundraisers, business promotions, real estate listings, sports teams, birthday parties and more, Arrowhead bottles with custom labels are easy and cheap to create. Please take a moment to browse our water bottle labels category and you'll find that all the designs there are completely customizable and set up in the correct size to fit an Arrowhead bottle. And of course if you want to create a label for Arrowhead water bottles from scratch you can do that starting here.

custom labeled arrowhead bottle

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