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Shipping cases of bottled water presents a challenge from a cost perspective due to it being a heavy product. That's why if you're located on the West coast ordering from BottleYourBrand makes the most sense. We have a bottling facility located in central Oregon which means locations up and down the West coast are fairly close and the transit times are short.

Shipping Custom Bottled Water Using Ground Shipping

From Central Oregon your order of custom bottled water should arrive in California within two days after production time. Transit time to Oregon is one business day and Washington is split, depending upon your location, at either one or two business days. All of Idaho is two business days transit time as are parts of Nevada and Utah, with the other parts being three days transit time for both states. Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona all take three business days transit time for custom bottled water to arrive. Keep in mind that production time is added to the transit time.

With standard ground shipping each case of bottled water is individually boxed and a chipboard divider is placed inside to separate the bottles. This helps protect the bottles and increase box rigidity.

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Shipping Bottled Water With Freight Service

Orders larger than 30 or so cases shipping to West coast destinations are best shipped via freight utilizing our flat pallet rates. With freight service the charge is a flat fee for a standard 40"x 48"pallet position. Weight doesn't play a factor in the cost of the freight shipping so maximizing the pallet position makes the most sense from a cost perspective. To do that we fit the following number of maximum cases on a pallet:

  • 120 cases of 8oz on a pallet
  • 84 cases of 12oz on a pallet
  • 72 cases of 19.9oz on a pallet


Freight service transit times are sometimes faster than standard ground service. Washington, Oregon and northern California are all one business day in transit while southern California is two business days. Another important benefit to shipping with freight service is how the cases are prepared for the pallet. Cases are stacked together and securely wrapped with clear pallet wrap so each case isn't individually jostling as it moves through the freight carrier's system, thus generating less chance for damage. Over the years we've found freight service to be the best method of shipping custom labeled bottled water when you consider all the factors of cost, time-in-transit and possible damage to the product.

Consider Location When Ordering Bottled Water

In addition to the quality of the product, consideration of the shipping cost and the time it takes to receive the product are important factors. If you're located on the West coast and need private label bottled water for your business, a party, trade show, promotion, wedding, or anything else choose BottleYourBrand and know you're getting the best deal with the highest quality product, delivered as quickly as possible. All of our orders have a 7 to 9 day production time before they ship out. All total, plan for approximately one and a half weeks from the time you order online to the time your order is delivered to your location. If you have any questions we're happy to help, live chat or email with us, our contact information is in the footer below.

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