Extra Stickers And Labels Included In Every Order

We understand your need for small quantities of stickers and labels. If you are a home brewer, winemaker, party planner, bride planning her wedding or anyone else who's working on a smaller project, ordering 1,000 labels doesn't help you. We know that and that's why most of our minimum requirements for orders are just 10 stickers or labels.

We also understand you may need a couple of extras because you might make an error applying one, (you're only human), or one of your items may get damaged or eaten by the dog. It's actually happened to us as you can see here.

label eating dog

It's okay, we have you covered. We check and hand package every order and we're careful to include a few extra stickers or labels. Wether it's bottle neck labels, wine labels or circle stickers, we'll throw in a few extra. So even if your order is for only ten water bottle labels, it's likely you'll get twelve or maybe thirteen and of course if your order is larger we'll include even a few more than that.

The most common reason why people may require an extra label or two is that they affix them to the bottle or product incorrectly. For your viewing pleasure we put together this simple video showing how to properly apply a label to a water bottle. The same principle applies to wine, beer, soda and basically any other types of bottles.

If you do by chance need additional stickers or labels above the extras we include, please let us know. Simply log back into your account and locate the one-click reorder button next to each order in your order history. Or, if you don't have an account, give us a call and we can quickly process a reorder. We keep all artwork files from orders so we'll be able to quickly reproduce and ship more out to you in no time. We even keep one hard copy on file so we can reference your order if there are questions or concerns you might have after you receive it.

There is also the odd and very, very unusual time that you will be missing a sticker or two from your order, (hey we are only human too), please let us know right away and we'll do everything in our power to rush you the missing amount. Like I said it's rare but mistakes do happen.

extra labels and stickers

We pride ourselves on our quality control and the overall production process. Being a small business we value you and all of our customers. We want the final product you receive to be amazing and for you to walk away feeling that you got your money's worth. We want you to come back next time you need stickers or labels. If that's how you feel after you receive your order, then we have done our job. If you want to help us out the best thing you can do is tell someone about us or write a review. Yelp, Facebook, or Google+ about us to spread the word.

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