Square Stickers Have a Million Uses

Creating a square sticker is easy and the applications are endless. Let’s take a look at some of the square stickers sizes we offer and what you can do with them.

3”x3” square stickers  are perfect for labeling gifts, homemade food products, beverages, kids toys, branding products, books, crafts, party favors and a zillion other things. The turnaround time for stickers is quick, two business days or less. Our 3”x3” custom square stickers are printed in full color on strong synthetic material that is fully waterproof. Don't believe it? Here's a video of one of our 3”x3” stickers being submerged in water.

We use that same material on our 4”x4” and 5”x5” square stickers as well. Pretty cool huh? What is synthetic material you ask? It’s basically like a plastic or vinyl material, there's a technical term for it but we can’t spell it. Really the bottom line is our stickers are very durable, 100% waterproof and will stand up against both hot and cold environments.

If you are looking for a larger square go with the 4”x4” sticker,  it’s the perfect size for labeling sports gear, your child’s toys, making car decals, labeling laptops and tablets, folders, car stickers, luggage and more. Our 4”x4” stickers are available to order in the same low minimum quantity as all of our other labels and stickers, in amounts of just 10. They're shipped out of our facility in 48 hours or less of order placement. That’s 48 business day hours. We take the weekends off, because who likes to work on the weekends? Here are some of our 4”x4” stickers in action on soda bottles.

4x4 stickers on soda bottles

So you still need a larger square sticker? OK, we have a 5”x5” square sticker but that’s a huge size, what are you going to do with a sticker that big?  What are you going to do with a sticker that big? Well, with a 5”x5” you could make safety stickers, warning labels, make directional signs, promote your band, make a bumper sticker or baby on board sticker, label boxes, label wine or hand them out as a promotional tool. Creating a 5x5” sticker can be done in minutes, right online, and you'll see the proof and approve it on the screen before you complete your order.

For size reference here is a picture of our 5”x5” square sticker next to our mini poodle Coco.

5x5 sticker next to Coco the poodle

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