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Rectangle Stickers are the Most Versatile Product in the World

Ok, maybe we are exaggerating a little bit, but our stickers are awesome and there isn’t much you can’t do with them. For example, you can create a custom rectangle sticker and use them to:

  • Label your personal products or property 
  • Label your kid's toys
  • Make a bumper sticker
  • Make decorations
  • Warn people of danger
  • Promote your sports team
  • Show your school spirit
  • Personalize your wedding
  • Advertise something
  • Fight crime (kidding, just want to make sure you are still reading)
  • Label your pet's toys/products
  • Label your books
  • Cover your book bag 
  • Decorate your laptop or tablet 
  • Share an idea
  • Promote a cause 
  • Advertise a sale 
  • Repair something…in case you don’t have any tape

There are actually many more uses for stickers, but you get the idea.

Regardless of what you are doing we have the rectangle sticker you need because we give you the ability to create your own sticker in full color and on a variety of different sizes. Here are the sizes we offer:

  1. 2"x3"
  2. 2"x4"
  3. 3"x2"
  4. 3"x4"
  5. 4"x2"
  6. 4"x3"
  7. 4"x6"
  8. 6"x4"

And because most of us are visual learners here is a photo of our rectangle sizes with some great customer designs

stickers in the shape of a rectangle

Custom Bumper Stickers are Rectangles

Now that I think about it we also have bumper stickers that are technically rectangle stickers as well. This would actually be the largest sticker or label we print here at BottleYourBrand and we print these in quantities as low as just one! Bumper Stickers are 11" x 3" or roughly double the length of Coco the mini poodle when she is napping, as shown here:

high quality bumper stickers from BottleYourBrand.com

Just like all our rectangle stickers, bumper stickers come with pressure sensitive semi-permanent adhesive across the whole back of the sticker. A liner protects the adhesive back of the sticker. You crack and peel it away in order to stick the sticker on something. In fact, let us show you. Here is a quick video of Rachelle showing you how you peel away the protective liner to expose the adhesive.

What else is left to say about rectangle stickers? You know the sizes we offer, how to use them and what to use them for so get to ordering! Create your sticker right online by starting at the Make Your Own link above and by choosing rectangle stickers or any other shape or size you may need. You design your sticker right online in real time so there is no need to email us artwork, wait for proofs or go back and forth like some other sticker printing websites. You can do it all right here and in minutes, but if you do happen to need a proof or need help let us know. We're happy jump in and assist you.

Purchase as little as 10 or as many as 5 million, we are flexible and realize that not everyone may need 5 million stickers so that's why we keep our minimums low. When you're done creating, your order will be printed, packaged with love and shipped from our facility within two business days.

Need help? Have additional questions? Want to see more pictures of Coco with our stickers? Email us at [email protected], call us or live chat us at the bottom left corner of the screen. We're here to help.

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