How to Make Water Bottle Stickers

What are water bottle stickers? Simple. They are stickers that go on water bottles with your custom design, made from your images, logo, colors and words. We offer them in two sizes, so regardless of where you are located, you can almost always find a bottle that our labels will fit. The two sizes we offer are 8.25” x 1.75” and 8” x 2.125”, both are the same price and both can be ordered online starting at a minimum of just 10.

Our water bottle stickers are extremely versatile and can be used for a variety of applications such as business promotions, party favors, marketing tools, fundraisers, brand reinforcement, celebrations, new product rollouts, open houses, grand openings, car dealerships, and much, much more.

Bottled water stickers are the low cost alternative to ordering our signature product Custom Labeled Bottled Water. Stickers or labels, for water bottles, are quick and easy to create and are much, much cheaper to ship than custom bottled water. When you order just the bottle stickers they weigh a mere 1/100th of a pound each vs. bottled water, which is 22 lbs. for one case of 12 oz. bottles or 30 lbs. for one case of the 16.9 oz. bottles. In fact, any order of stickers under 250 quantity can ship for a flat rate of $5.60 with the US Postal Service.

Our water bottle stickers extremely high quality and we know you’ll be satisfied when you receive your order. Here are some important points that make our products stand out above the competition.

  • Bright, vibrant full color digital printing with unlimited color options.
  • Two sizes to fit any bottle shapes you may find, including new eco-friendly bottles.
  • Thick 7 mil synthetic material that is 100% waterproof.
  • Extremely fast production time of just 2 business days or less.
  • Full adhesive across the entire backing of the sticker to ensure they will adhere to any surface.

Design and Order Your Water Bottle Stickers Online

stickers for water bottles

Once you decide the size, here are your options for ordering bottle stickers: pick a design from our large catalog of pre made designs or start from a blank canvas and design your own. If you choose one of the designs we've already created, you have the option to change the text, add a picture, adjust colors and more, the sky is the limit. If you see something you can’t quite figure out, or a part of the design that you need changed, but can’t quite do it in our design program, let us know and chances are we can make the change for you. Then we'll email you a PDF proof after your order is in place. Starting from a blank canvas gives you the option to completely customize your water bottle stickers and make the design to exactly your specification. We give you the option in our design tool to add clipart, QR codes, over 500 fonts, unlimited colors, images and text to your design. You can also upload a design you made from another program such as Illustrator, Photoshop or InDesign. Just convert your design to a jpg, tiff or png file and upload it right to the canvas.

We have hundreds of water bottle sticker designs for a variety of occasions such as weddings, birthdays, business promotions, celebrations, holidays, parties and many more. Any design you chose can be modified, so if you're looking for a bottle sticker for a birthday party and you come across a design you like under the wedding category, feel free to use it. Just modify that design to your liking and place your order.

quality stickers and labels for water bottles

We hope you find the design and ordering process as stress free and as easy as possible but if you need help email, call or live chat with us.

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