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Let’s be honest, we all like free stuff, who doesn’t? Getting free stickers online is pretty cool, but how can you get free custom stickers online? Honestly we don’t know, but if you figure out how please tell us.

What we've seen are free sticker offers from several websites out there and wanted to take a closer look to see what these free offers are all about. Are they a scam or can you really receive actual stickers in the mail for no cost, just by signing up online?

Custom Stickers at No Charge To You

Sorry, it’s not happening. After doing some extensive searches on Google, YouTube, Yahoo and Bing we came up with nothing when it comes to getting your own custom stickers for free. What we did see was literally hundreds of companies giving away their own custom branded stickers with their logos and websites on them. Sites such as Zumiez, Harley Davidson, the New York Aquarium and Operation Home Front. They'll all give you free stickers with their logo or proprietary saying.

It’s worth noting that in our research we also came across dozens of campaign websites willing to give you free stickers promoting their candidate or their cause. Actually, they'll give you pretty much anything if you’ll help do their promoting for them, things like signs, shirts, banners, bumper stickers and basically anything else that is of no use to someone looking for their own custom stickers.

If you're willing to pony up a few dollars for shipping and handling charges you can get some cooler free stickers from places like freestickers.org. Most “free” offers do require you to pay what generally looks to be a $4.95 S & H fee, but then you may want cooler stickers than "Support Hilary". You'll get stickers like this:

free stickers you can order online

Depending upon what state you live in you might be able to get free stickers and/or bumper stickers from your state. For example getlostmt.com is giving away free "Get Lost" stickers to promote their marketing campaign to encourage people to visit Montana. Texas is giving away bumper stickers and car decals and even trash bags to anyone with a valid Texas ID. Of course we’d pick the "Don’t Mess with Texas" sticker.


free don't mess with texas sticker

All in all there really isn’t a way to get free stickers with your personalized design. There are plenty of tutorials out there showing you how to make decals, labels, stickers and more, but they require learning, planning, a trip to the store to purchase materials and then your time to make them. A quicker more efficient way is to quickly design and order them with us here at BottleYourBrand. We give you all the tools you need and the flexibility to order small amounts of stickers right online. We have circles, ovals, rectangles, squares and some other odd sizes for different applications.

You Get What You Pay for When You Order Custom Stickers

Looking around online or even going to your local office supply store and buying the materials to make your own stickers might work out, but it’s not going to yield the quality and give you exactly what you want. If you want waterproof, full-color, small amounts, quick production, and no setup charges you need to order with us and put your sticker project to bed.

All of our stickers are super high quality and made with the love by the BottleYourBrand family right here in Seattle Washington, don’t believe it? Just take a few moments to check out the reviews about our products on our reviews page. All of those are actual reviews from verified buyers just like this one:

five star review for bottleyourbrand

So to wrap this all up, can you get free stickers online? Yes. Can you get the free custom stickers you want with your logo, pet's picture, wedding monogram, team name, company logo, band's photo, wine name, funny saying, wedding date, business promotion or home brew name? No, you can’t.

Get started now and we’ll help you. Live chat with us in the bottom left corner of your screen, email us at [email protected] or give us a call Monday to Friday from 9 am to 4pm PST and we’ll be more than happy to help with your next sticker project.

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