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We know that our customers want more options for sticker shapes than just the standard rectangles and squares, so we've added circle and oval shaped stickers to our catalog of products. Circles and ovals allow you to get creative with your party favor, wedding favors, or labeling projects. Select from four oval and circle sizes with more sizes to come, so check back from time to time to see what new sticker sizes we added. We've seen some extremely creative stickers uses from our customers. From monogram wedding stickers to children's product labels, the applications are virtually endless. Just take a look at how one of our customers used our 3.5" x 2.25" oval sticker to make an inexpensive yet custom save-the-date favor.

oval sticker wedding favors

Before you make a design, you have the option to choose from several round or oval shaped sticker sizes, they are:

  • 2" circle
  • 2.5" circle
  • 2.25"x3.5" oval
  • 3.5"x2.25" oval

Oval and Circle Shaped Stickers Make Great Party Favors.

With four simple sizes there are unlimited options as to what you're able to create. For example, our customers apply 2" circle stickers to the jar lids of their homemade canned foods. The 2.5" circle can be used to create name labels for your children's toys or books. Either one of the oval sizes have been extremely popular with people who brew their own beer or make their own wine. The 2.25" x 3.5" oval works perfect on a 750 ml bottle of wine or 12 oz. bottle of beer. If you really want to step it up you can add a matching custom bottle neck label as well.

If you're a business owner these shapes are also perfect for product packaging and promotional branding. We see a lot of businesses using oval stickers as handouts for trade shows. Other business owners apply them to folders containing company or product information. They make a sticker by adding their logo and including matching text and voilà they have personalized stickers for their company

Another creative idea from one of our customers is to use round stickers on favor bags. Using our 2" circles they created this:

circle stickers on party favors

Designing and ordering any of the shaped stickers is a snap. Just like our other labels and stickers, you can choose from a variety of pre-made designs or start from a blank canvas and create your own. Production time is just two business days or less, then your order is shipped by the method you choose at checkout; such as USPS, UPS, Next Day Air, etc.

Create a Special Design on Your Oval Sticker

When designing your sticker, or really designing on anything that is round or has an arc, it's important to know that you can create text on a path. What is text on a path you ask? It's essentially being able to warp the text so it curves. This makes your design look much more professional than simple straight text on an oval or circle. Here is an example of how much better text on a path looks when designing a circle sticker.

oval sticker with custom text

In addition to being able to create text on a path, there are several other features in the online sticker design program to use:

  • Add a border to text with your choice of color
  • Add images or logos
  • Adjust the opacity of images and text
  • Add a blur effect
  • Create a custom QR code. Adding a QR to your sticker allows you to direct people to your website or Facebook page with just a quick scan of a smart phone.

So there you have it. Start planning your next event today and incorporate oval or circle stickers into your custom party favors, business promotion, school event, birthday party or product launch…anything else you can dream up. If you need help, or have questions, we are here 9 am to 4 pm PST, on the phones or on live chat in the bottom left corner of your screen. Our email is [email protected], which is answered within 24 hours even over the weekend!

design custom oval stickers

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