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Cheap Party Favors – Use Custom Stickers

DIY party favors are the way to go if you are looking to save money. Sure it’s easy to go online, do a quick Google search and blow a couple of hundred dollars buying a handful of great looking party favors but is that really in the budget? For most of us it isn’t so we have to be more creative.

With a little effort and creativity you can make your own party favors for any occasion using custom stickers. So what are you celebrating? A kid's birthday, a bar mitzvah, throwing a retirement or holiday party? It doesn’t matter what it is, you can use stickers that you customize to make amazing and inexpensive party favors. Let’s take a look at some examples:

frozen movie party favor stickers

Use circle stickers to label jars with candies inside, quick, easy and festive. Here is a photo from a Frozen themed party where 2" circle stickers are used. If you're interested you can create the same design with your text using our template. You can modify the text, change the text color or even add a photo!

ombre party favor stickers

This ombré square sticker applied to a small gable box makes the perfect favor for loading up with goodies or giving out as small gifts. With this particular design you can adjust the color to match your party colors. It’s easy and can be done right online in seconds. Find this sticker template here. It's even available in a water bottle label so you can order them to match!

circle stickers are party favors

These circle stickers were used for labeling small favor treat boxes and mason jar lids that decorated the party tables, each included candies.

party favor boxes

These rainbow stickers were used on boxes for a first birthday. This design is available here on the website and has a matching invitation, water bottle labels and rectangle stickers.

Party Favor Stickers Come In All Shapes, Sizes and Types.

All of the above examples using stickers as a way to dress up your party favors are inexpensive and creative ways to save money. Every sticker is under a buck and depending upon the quantity and size can be as little as 24¢ each. That’s 24¢ for a full color custom sticker with any design you want on it.

So often when you think of party favors you think of things we just mentioned, like stickers on boxes and jars of candy, but you can also use stickers to label some adult party favors as well. If you're throwing a party for adults we offer mini wine and champagne bottle stickers, for beer and wine bottles, as well as bottle neck stickers to match. Don’t worry if you aren’t a design genius, we have literally hundreds of pre made designs to choose from to add your text and photos.

champagne party favor stickers

Let’s not forget about holiday parties. That’s when you can really get creative and print stickers for all kinds of fun events. Things like gift tag stickers for Christmas presents, drink labels for Halloween parties, and stickers for your St. Patricks day beer. We have categories set up for all of these holidays, so take a look around and you'll see all types of holiday party favor designs to modify and give your personal touch.

Looking for Party Favor Inspiration?

So your next party is coming up quickly, but you're drawing a blank on what to do for your party favors. Don’t worry we’re here and we can help. We have an amazing blog, if we do say so ourselves, that will give you all kinds of inspiration, ideas and resources to make party favors. It can all be found at www.bottleyourbrand.com/blog. In fact, up on the header there is a party favor section dedicated to all things party using our stickers.

So get to work and make some amazing party favor stickers today. We promise you’ll love them and the quality of the stickers. If you don’t, let us know and we’ll make it right. Also, during your event snap some pictures of your party favors in action and send them to us to share on our Facebook page. Or hash tag them on Instagram with #bottleyourbrand we love seeing what you come up with!

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