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What Bottles Do Our Water Bottle Labels Fit?

You want to purchase water bottle labels for your wedding, birthday party or marketing your business and you are wondering what size label to buy. Here are some tips and helpful recommendations on brands that we tested.

When shopping for bottles please keep in mind that some bottle styles are different in various regions of the US. The bottles we tested were from the West coast. We recommend that you cut a piece of paper to the size of both of our labels and take them with you when shopping for bottles. If you have time before your event please request a label sample by emailing us at [email protected].

For reference our narrow label is 8.25" W x 1.75" H. The other size water bottle label is 8" W x 2.125" H.

BEFORE YOU PURCHASE LABELS please check the bottles in your area against our label sizes. We cannot guarantee any sizes will fit bottles in your area. It is your responsibility to measure before you order!!! If you are ready to order START HERE otherwise read on for some helpful information.

Bottled water brands that we tested for use with our labels:

  • Arrowhead 8 oz. Bottle - Our 8" x 2.125 water bottle label wraps around this bottle and the edges butt up against each other, but the height of the label does overlap the bottom ridge on the bottle.
arrowhead water bottle labels
  • Refreshe 8 oz. Bottle - (found at Safeway Grocers) - Our small label fits very well on this bottle with a 1/8" gap in the back.
  • Dasani 12 oz. Bottle - (found nationwide) - This bottle fits both size labels, The 8" x 2.125" label barely meets at the ends on the Dasani 12 oz. bottle, The narrower label fits the bottle better length-wise. This bottle is a light blue color, with a green cap. If this clashes with your colors you might want to consider another bottle.
  • Dasani 16.9 oz. Bottle - Our 8" x 2.125" label fits this bottle well, with only a 1/16" gap where the two label ends meet.The cap on the bottle we tested is green.

twelve ounce dasani water bottle labels

dasani water bottle labels

  • Aquafina 16.9 oz. Bottle -There are two styles of 16.9 oz. bottles made by Aquafina that we could find. One is their regular plastic and the other is the eco-friendly 'EcoFina' bottle. Our 8" x 2.125" water bottle label fits perfectly on both types of bottles. This size label overlaps on the bottle we tested by 1/2". The only consideration is that with all of the eco-friendly bottles we tested, there is a tendency for the bottles to dent easily.
aquafina water bottle labels
  • Costco Kirkland 16.9 oz. Bottle - **Costco uses different bottling companies across the US.** Please check at your Costco first before making your purchase.** Here in the Northwest the 8" x 2.125" label works, but it left a 1/16" gap. The wavy ridges on the bottle made the label gap on bottom edge The 8.25" x 1.75" label works much better.
kirkland signature water bottle labels
  • Refreshe 16.9 oz. Bottle (found at Safeway Grocers) - The 8" x 2.125" label fits on these bottles, but there is a 1/4" overlap. An overlap is good for the label material to stick, but if your design is close to the edges be careful. Just watch that you don't put important words or images too close to the edge of the label.
  • Nestle 9 oz. and 16.9 oz. Bottle - Most of the Nestle bottles we found had very narrow labels; 1 3/8", but long in length. The bottle is a shaped bottle which made the bottom of the label apply unevenly. If you are careful with how you apply the labels on the 16.9 oz. bottle, the gap in the back is very tiny. The main problem was the height of the label panel on this bottle.
nestle water bottle labels

Bottles that we do not recommend for use with our labels:

  • Crystal Geyser 16.9 oz. Bottle -The label area on this bottle is only 1.5" high x 8.062" wide. This is a full 1/2" shorter in height than our small label, but the same width as our 8" wide label. Although we could put the 8" wide label on this bottle, the thin, easily dented plastic and multiple ribs did not accept the label very well. The narrower 1.75" h label works much better on this bottle.
  • Arrowhead 16.9 oz. & 20 oz. Bottle - The label areas for both of these bottle sizes are extremely narrow, less than 2" high. The bottles are eco-friendly, but they dent easily.
  • Poland Springs 16.9 oz. Bottle - The label area for this bottle is very narrow height-wise which doesn't work with our label sizes.
  • Many of the new eco-friendly bottles have a curved surface that make it difficult for applying labels

**Please note: It is not legal to re-label bottled water for re-sale. These posts are intended to demonstrate how our labels can be used to re-label bottled water for non-commercial uses only.**

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