Wedding Water Bottle Labels

Your big day is rapidly approaching and your budget is already close to being maxed out, but you haven't ordered any wedding favors yet. Don't worry we have your back. Wedding water bottle labels are inexpensive, easy to order and add a special custom touch to your wedding.

There are so many things to do, organize and pay for when planning a wedding. Do yourself a favor and save some time and money by using wedding water bottle labels as favors. They are easily created and ordered online. They cost under a dollar even if you want a very small quantity. Best of all the design can match your wedding colors and theme.

wedding water bottle labels

We have two wedding water bottle label sizes to choose from depending upon the bottles you plan to use. We have these sizes - 8.25” x 1.75” and 8” x 2.125”. Between either of these sizes you can find bottles at your location that will fit and apply the labels to them. But before you run out to Costco and buy five or ten cases of Kirkland Signature water bottles to turn into your wedding favors please use our sticker and label size guide and what bottles do our labels fit pages.

Designing your wedding labels is easy. If you have a predesigned file you want to use that's great, just convert it to a jpg, png or tiff file to upload it right in our design tool and place your order. If you don't have a design you can choose from our hundreds of designs that are pre made and change the text and modify the colors to your liking. If you need help trying to color match something like your invitations or programs, or just want to match the color values of the overall wedding, let us know and we can help. Email us at [email protected] or live chat with us in the bottom left corner of this screen.

water bottle labels for weddings

Wedding Water Bottle Labels are the Perfect Wedding Favors

Using water bottle labels for your wedding is a great idea for many reasons. It's not just cost, although that is a big one for almost everyone. You should consider using them because:

  • Low order minimums - You can order as little as 10 water bottle labels for your wedding, price breaks start at 50 labels.
  • Completely customizable design - You can print whatever you want on your labels in full color.
  • No setup charges or plate charges - You pay for the label price and shipping your labels. That's it.
  • Fast turnaround time - Wedding water bottle labels are produced within 48 hours and ship out immediately after that. Is your wedding next weekend? No problem we have time to print, produce and ship them to you.
  • Fully waterproof - If you're having a summer wedding outdoors you can submerge the labels in ice and water and they will hold up just fine. They aren't made from paper so the colors won't run and the labels won't peel and disintegrate when put in coolers or refrigerators.
  • Size - The labels are portable so if you're having a destination wedding pack them in your suitcase and find bottles at your location. Simple!
  • Cost - Yes they are inexpensive. Ten wedding water bottle labels start at $0.99, and there are more price breaks starting at fifty labels.


labels for wedding favors


There are more advantages to using wedding water bottle labels such as labeling other things like soda bottles, wine bottles, champagne bottles, beer bottles and more. Get creative and if you need other label or sticker sizes to match we can help you with that too. We can also design custom drink coasters to match your labels if you really want to add a custom touch to your wedding table settings.

Often times with weddings, if what you plan is easy to do or cheap, it's frowned upon as something that is bad or generic. Trust us, we have seen some amazing wedding water bottle designs come through over the years and many of those orders have been under $50 total! For more ideas and to see examples of what our customers have done with their wedding labels please visit our blog, Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook.

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