Water Bottle Labels for Kids Birthday Parties

As Adults we could care less about birthdays. They come and go with no big fanfare, presents or anything out of the norm of any other day and honestly most adults prefer it that way. Kids however, well kids take birthdays very seriously. Kids want parties, presents, cake, labeled decorations, friends and basically anything else that makes the day different from their standard day to day routine.

As a parent myself I’ve learned that spending a couple hundred bucks to have your kids party at some place other than your home is the best money you can spend next to your health insurance. Consider having your kids birthday at a location away from your home, just think about not having to set up and clean up. That right there is worth the money and takes a big chunk of the stress off you. Do a quick Google search of kids birthday party places in "insert your city", chances are a dozen will come up.

kids birthday party labels

Kids Party Decorations And Food

Many of the places you can rent with have packages that include the food, cake and party favors. Again this is a huge time and stress reducer, just pick the package you want and everything is ready when you show up. If you are looking for a personalized touch for your kids birthday party this doesn’t offer much of one with the exception of maybe their name on the cake but at least it’s easy and requires little to no planning. What you can do though is bring some cheap and easy birthday party favors in the form of WATER BOTTLE LABELS. It doesn’t get any easier when it comes to personalized party favors, you can simply choose from designs that we already have and fill in the birthday girl or boys name and age or you can start completely from scratch and design your own with text, photos, graphics or anything you like.

Birthday Party Water Bottle Label Sizes

There are two standard sizes for birthday water labels, 8.25"x1.75" and 8"x21.25". Regardless of where you live in the country one of these sizes will fit a bottle you find at your local grocer, Costco, Sams Club, etc.. The most popular is the 8.25"x1.75" because it fits on a wider variety of bottles and especially if you are using them for a kids birthday then chances are you'll want to use smaller bottles such as the Kirkland Signature 8 oz. water bottles. They are perfect for little ones, not too small but not too large and when they spill them and they will it’s not too much liquid that it’s a total birthday disaster.

Kids birthday water bottle labels can also be used on the bags if you are giving away a treat bag to the party attendees. They’re basically rectangle stickers so when you order some for the water bottles just add some extras for the amount of giveaway bags you have and apply them to the bags. The backing is fully adhesive so they will adhere to pretty much anything regardless of the material type of the bags. They are also waterproof so if you do have the party outdoors in the summer and want to put them in a cooler with ice the labels will stand up no problem. Just make sure that when you apply them you do it to the bottles when they are dry and at room temperature, that will allow them to properly adhere to the bottles.

Label Patterns For Birthday Parties

Kids want superhero, cartoon characters, bright colors and animals well we have all those designs and more to choose from. Honestly most parents prefer the pre made designs rather than starting from scratch to make a birthday party water bottle label. When you choose a pattern or design already made for the label it makes it easier and quicker, all you have to do is add a couple lines of text and maybe a photo of the birthday guy or girl if you are feeling ambitions.

Since you were smart and paid to throw your child’s party at a location away from your home such as Pump It Up, Chuck E. Cheese or Great Play you can walk away stress free after the party is over and not have to worry about putting your house back together from the hungry, energetic mob of kids that came to celebrate. But remember to keep a bottle with custom party label or just the label itself as a keepsake of the event.

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