Real Estate Water Bottle Labels

If you are in the real estate industry, specifically and agent, you know there are a billion and one promotional items geared towards your industry. Everything from signs to pens to calendars with (insert your home towns sports team here) schedule on it. It's all boring and it's all been done a thousand times. We have a more unique idea for you that will set you apart from the next agent. At least until this catches on everywhere and then you should go back to custom printed fridge magnets with the Mariners schedule on it.

When you are selling a property be it residential or commercial you need exposure. Preferably exposure that is low cost and very effective, meaning memorable to your target customer. All the traditional methods are great, magazine ads, website listings, email blasts, etc, etc.. but those have been and are done to death. Try creating a water bottle label with your real estate listing and then handing out or donating some custom labeled bottled water. Each bottle becomes a traveling billboard with your brand and contact information

water bottle labels for real estate agents


Water bottle labels are inexpensive. They start at just .99 but the price goes down as you increase your quantity, you can't beat that for a printed advertisement. So if you have 50 custom water bottle labels printed with your listing on them it will cost you $44.50, then go to Costco or the grocery store and buy a couple of cases of water bottles for around three bucks a piece and apply the custom labels. For right about $50 you have 50 or so traveling billboards with pictures of your listing, your photo and your contact info including your website.

Custom labeled water bottles travel around. Think of how many times in a day you see water bottles if you are out and about, they are everywhere. Imagine now if your information was on those labels, that's some great exposure that is unique and memorable. A lot of people carry around a water bottle and refill it many times through the day and even over the course of multiple days.

water bottle labels for an open house


You can order a small amount of water bottle labels if that's all you need. If you are going to be handing out a thousand water bottles with your listings and info on them at your next community event such as block party, fair, art show, car show or outdoor movie night then it's no problem. We can produce thousands of water bottle labels just as easily and quickly as we can 10. Realistically though you will probably only want a few labels and we realize the need for that so we have extremely low minimum order quantities. You can order as little as 10 custom water bottle labels and in the near future we are making changes to offer as low as 5 for the minimum! With minimums that low you can order up some with your listing info on them and hand then out to clients when you bring them to that listing. It's a very targeted and specific way to market which means it's also more memorable and more effective. You can also design labels to give them to your business partners such as the escrow company you use or your preferred mortgage broker, spread the love and get your brand out there.

Water Bottles With A Real Estate Listing Photo

Since the design can be whatever you like custom water bottles are extremely versatile for advertising purposes. If you have the design skill or work with a professional designer you can make your own starting from scratch right on the website or you can upload a finished label to be printed. Here is a page with the downloadable water bottle label templates and dimension information if you are designing one outside of the website. If you aren't quite as design savvy don't worry we have you covered. You can choose from our pre made real estate water bottle designs and just add your photos and change your text, it's that simple.

Once your design is finished and you have placed your order it only takes a business day, no more than two for us to print and ship you your water bottle labels. Quick production is a another great plus with water bottle labels because you are finding yourself in need of real estate labels quickly we can turn them around fast and if you choose 2nd day or next day air service for shipping you could receive your labels as soon as two days from when you place your order.

The alternative is to order custom real estate bottled water with the labels already applied but many agents opt to do just the labels as the turnaround time is quicker and it saves a large amount on shipping because cases of bottled water are so heavy.

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